Rolex Explorer: The Crushed Oyster circa 1969

Rolex Explorer: The Crushed Oyster circa 1969


The Rolex Explorer has a design so simple that its barely changed over the last 50 years. This particular example, Ref. 1016 shown on this advert from 1969 would have been just as comfortable up a mountain, swimming in a coral reef or at the dinner table.

It's a simple advert that is surprisingly humorless for such a typically stoic company like Rolex. Perfect for anyone whose grail watch is an Explorer, whether you own one or not! 

  • Print size: 8.25" by 11.5"
  • Print Condition: Very good with no patina across the paper. Slight creasing on the top left corner.
  • Print Year of Production: 1969
  • Frame Size: 14" by 16.5"
  • Frame Material: Solid brown wood
  • Glass type: Conservation Clear
  • Matte color: Light grey with 'webbing' pattern


Next time somebody tells your they have an amazing, new waterproof watch...tell them about the crushed Oyster.

We dropped a standard Rolex Oyster case (the Explorer, guaranteed down to 330 feet) into a pressure tank. Then we took the pressure down to 1,000 feet to see what happened. Nothing happened.

Then we went down to 1,500 feet. And Nothing Happened.

At 1,700 feet the crystal began to bend a bit.

And at 1,900 feet the back showed signs of bending.

At 2,000 feet the crystal and the back bent severly. And if there have been a movement inside it would have been crushed. But it wouldn't have been wet. The Oyster case was still watertight. Which is not bad for a watch we guarantee to 330 feet.  

The Explorer: 26-jewel chronometer. Stainless steel Oyster case with matching bracelet $210. 

These framed adverts can only be shipped in the continental United States. Apologies to you overseas watch fans but I'm working on other solutions!


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