Omega Speedmaster 125, circa 1974

Omega Speedmaster 125, circa 1974


The Omega Speedmaster 125 was quite the birthday present Omega gave to themselves. It was world's first automatic chronograph chronometer and it was limited to just 2,000 pieces.

This Canadian advert from one year after its release is a testament to the horological accomplishment that was the Speedmaster 125. Just like this other advert from Omega, it shows that persuasive copy is just as effective a sales technique as a good picture.

  • Print size: 8" x 11.25"
  • Print Condition: Very good with an even patina across the entire advert. No tears or creases.
  • Print Year of Production: 1974
  • Frame Size: 13.5" x 16.75"
  • Frame Material: Sold brown wood
  • Glass type: Conservation Clear
  • Matte color: Soft Cream


To celebrate 125 years of watchmaking leadership we've built the most complete watch ever - the limited edition Omega Speedmaster 125

A watchmaking milestone: self-winding chronograph, calendar watch, and certified chronometer in one.

A 125th anniversary is a very special occasion, so we've created a very special watch to celebrate it. It's the Omega Speedmaster 125 - a self-winding chronograph with an official chronometer rating. 

Available in a limited edition, the Speedmaster 125 represents the finest expression of the watchmaker's art, the culmination of a century and a quarter of precision design, engineering and production. Each Speedmaster 125 has an individually engraved number on the back of the case. Automatic chronographs are rare because few watch manufacturers are capable of combining the intricate mechanism required for chronograph performance with a self-winding feature. In addition to telling the time of day and date, the stop-watch action of the Speedmaster 1125 can measure elapsed time to the fifth of a second, minute and hour. 

The Omega Speedmaster 125 is also a chronometer. It belongs to the select group of watches certified by the Swiss Institutes for Chronometer tests. The chronometer certificate which accompanies the watch is your guarantee of lasting satisfaction.

The Omega Speedmaster 125 is built for the man of action. The intricate movement is protected by a rugged, heavy-duty case. The deluxe styling of case and bracelet are testimony to the good taste of the wearer.

It is being produced for that select group of men to whom split-second chronographic precision is a way of life.


These framed adverts can only be shipped in the continental United States. Apologies to you overseas watch fans but I'm working on other solutions!

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