Movado Calendrograph advert, circa 1947

Movado Calendrograph advert, circa 1947


This 1947 advert for the Movado Calenograph is a wonderful example of period design and salesmanship. The ograph moniker, the painstakingly accurate sketch of the watch and the novelty of a calendar watch are so 1940s. The watch ad immortalizes a beautiful example of form partnering with function; wonderful flared lugs, long elegant pointer hands and stylish dauphine hands. All perfectly contained in a 5" by 6" image.

  • Print size: 5" x 6"
  • Print Condition: Very good with an even patina across the entire advert. No tears or creases.
  • Frame size: 10.5" x 12" x 0.7"
  • Frame Material: Solid brown wood
  • Glass type: Conservation Clear
  • Matte color: Soft cream 
  • Year of Production: 1947

Advert Text

Calendograph. Time from month to second.

In Steel or 14 K. Gold

Movado. Winners of 165 Observatory Awards

Sold and Serviced by Leading Jewellers All Over the World. 

Copr. 1947, Movado Watch Agency, Inc., 610 Fifth Ave., N.Y. 36 Toronto St., Toronto, Can.

These framed adverts can only be shipped in the continental United States. Apologies to you overseas watch fans but I'm working on other solutions!

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