Hamilton Chronomatic advert, circa 1969

Hamilton Chronomatic advert, circa 1969


This funky Hamilton Chronomatic advert from 1969 is from a time when adverts were allowed to have a sense of humor. No self-indulgent seriousness here, just an honest and humorous look at a fantastic sports chronograph. This advert is perfect for fans of 1960s chronographs or exotic egg timer fanatics!

  • Advert size: 8" x 11"
  • Print Condition: Very Good. Slight creases towards bottom of advert.
  • Frame size: 10.25" x 15.5" x 0.7"
  • Frame Material: Solid black wood
  • Glass type: Conservation Clear
  • Matte color: Light cream 
  • Watch: Hamilton Chronomatic B
  • Year of Production: 1969

Advert Text:

Introducing the Hamilton Chronomatic. Is $200 too much to pay for years of winning rallies, timing free falls, and perfect 3-minute eggs?

This is the only egg timer made that makes you look like a he-man. Because the new shock-resistant calendar Chronomatic is a rugged, durable, multi-purpose timepiece. Not just a watch.

It's calibrated to record 1/5 second intervals with a sweep second hand. There are stop-start and reset buttons as well as hour and minute totalizers. And it's water protected up to three atmospheres. There's even a tachymeter, for sports car buffs. And the self-winding mechanism that makes it completely automatic is placed right in the heart of the movement instead of on top. So the Chronomatic is thinner than you'd expect. 

It's a perfect gift. For pilots. Engineers. Scientists. Photographers. Doctors. TV Producers. Sportsmen. And even up-tight businessmen who are fussy about their 3-minute eggs.

These framed adverts can only be shipped in the continental United States. Apologies to you overseas watch fans but I'm working on other solutions!

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