Horological History

Horological History is a series about great watches of the past, understanding grand complications and uncovering brands that have been lost to time. The articles right below are a great place to start or click here to jump straight to the newest article.

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The All-Proof Man and his wristwatch

James 'Jimmie' Mattern attempted to circumnavigate the world in 1933 in his Lockheed Vega with flight instruments provided by Wittnauer. During his second attempt he crash landed in Russia with little more than the clothes on his back and his wristwatch, a Wittnauer All-Proof. To find out what I learnt about this extraordinary man and his extraordinary watch, click here.


Minute Repeaters and Sonnerie

Whilst the tourbillon might be the most desired complication among collectors, I believe the minute repeater and sonnerie are infinitely more charming. However it's easy to confuse these complications with alarms or to not understand how these mechanical chiming darlings work. Click here to learn all about them.

Lost to Time: Gallet

You might not have heard of Gallet but they have produced some amazing watches over the years; The Clamshell was the first water-resistant chronograph and the Flight Officer allowed pilots to see multiple timezones at a single glance yet in the 1990s the brand disappeared. Click here to find out what happened.