This Week in Time: April 2nd to April 8th

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Sometimes a brand you've never heard of can surprise you in the greatest possible way. This Triple Calendar Moonphase Datofix from Kingston Watch Co. from watchistry has a beautiful symmetrical dial, some of the coolest hands I've ever seen and is currently on sale for $500. I don't know whether the Kingston in question is from Jamaica or England but I do know that this is one killer watch.  


Back in my retail days there was one watch that me and a colleague tried to sell to everyone. It wasn't part of our regular stock so trying to convince someone to order it sight unseen was a challenge to say the least. That watch was the Oris Chronoris, and our favoritism was simply due to the wonderfully silly name, Chronoris. Well if you're in the market for a really cool single register chrono then check out ursmidur as this piece is currently for sale. Gotta love that barrel shaped case!.


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In the next few days I should be having some hand's on time (FINALLY) with a great tool watch and this Seiko from sheldinkee is a great way to start off Monday morning (Or God knows what time if you're down under!). I don't swim all that much and I certainly can't dive but man, I wish I had one of these beauties. It's big and garsh but it will throw anything you put it through right back in your face. 


For #SpeedyTuesday I decided to pick something a little bit different. Still a Speedy in there somewhere but the focus of this sht is the demonstration of the Co-Axial escapement. George Daniel's is undoubtedly the greatest influence on modern watchmaking within the last forty years and his Co-Axial escapement that Omega industrialized is amazing. A three pronged pallet wheel and a multi-layered escapement wheel, that my Omega rep called a Ninja Star, reduces wear and should improve the interval between services. Really great to see it exploded for the world to see and thanks to shamitzu for the picture.

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I've been following auctionlytics for a few months now and it's been a really fascinating experience. Firstly it's nice to hear reports of vintage auctions from a source other than Hodinkee but it's mostly about seeing the changing prices of watches through the years and which pieces were considered undesierable suddenly fetching huge prices.  Back in 2005 a Paul Newman 6263 "only" sold for 55,200 CHF. Unbelievable. This Milgauss Ref. 5641 caught my eye, it sold for 317,000 back in 2013, as it is one of my personal favorite vintage Rolexes. Click here to read a history of anti-magnetic watches.


A nice link from one of the first anti-magnetic watches to the contemporary IWC Ingenieur complete with watchful guardian War Machine. I know the modern Ingenieur isn't for everyone but I happened to really like the style of it, especially this piece with the acid green highlights that contrast really well with the carbon fiber dial. More than ever the Genta origins of the mid-seventies Ingenieur are seen here hee even if the tribute to the Octagon is more muted than in the Royal Oak. Thanks to wballball for the picture.

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Think Interstellar was the first time a Hamilton went to space on screen? Think again. Read all about it at

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I'll admit something to you. I was struggling to find something for today. Nothing was really jumping out at me but then came this. This batshit crazy Hamilton that look like it just flew off the set of Close Encounters and is coming to take me back to it's home planet. You all know by now my feelings about weird seventies cases and this is one of the best I've ever seen. If you're interested and have the cash (I have one of those things) then head on over to 1025vintage to check this baby out. Congrats to Nick for his recent merger with analog/shift!