This Week in Time: 9th to 15th July

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I don't quite know what I think about this watch! It's certainly fun and playful, it certainly doesn't look like anything I've ever seen but does that make it a good design? I love the little touches like the smiley face date window and the almost childlike hand choice but is it a little much? Does it matter what I think? No! If edwardscheckler enjoys wearing it and loves it who are we to argue with personal taste? As one of the comments says, there needs to be more color in 'serious' watches and that is something I'm am totally for!


It seems like vintage Heuer's are one of the most trending watches on the market at the moment. Carreras and Autavias are being snapped up at record breaking prices but the Camaro is wrongly overlooked. Perhaps the case might not be as timeless as those on the Carrera but I think it has so much charm and character that it deserves to stop being overlooked! I hope watch_carefully enjoyed seeing Jamie Cullum last weekend and what a watch to wear whilst listening to some great jazz. I missed out on seeing him a few years which I've always regretted! 


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Those who thought that Air-King is just an 'entry level Rolex' should look away now because this Ref. 5500 is anything but entry level. Infact it could probably knock current day Oysters and Air Kings into a cocked hat! Everything is perfectly proportioned with just enough detail to entertain the eye without distracting from the simplicity. That dial is completely spotless as well, amazing considering that this watch is over fifty years old! khalid43, you're a lucky man!


As much as I love the standard black/white version of the Omega Speedmaster Mark II, I have to wonder why anyone would chose it over the colorful racing edition seen here? I mean seriously, look at it! The bright orange pips and hands are just so vibrant and playful, it shows that this is a watch that is unafraid to have a little fun! Congrats to elroy_reloj on this crazy lively watch!

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This week we saw Hodinkee release an in-depth interview with John Mayer about his love of the IWC Big Pilot, and when it looks like this who can blame him! This IWC is from hvermansen and the more I look at it the more I like it! The crown is probably one of my favorites in all of watchmaking. Its large, distinct and oddly beautiful but it is all to serve a purpose! The incredible length of the power reserve is to be commended as well. This is truly a tool watch for the modern age!


It might have taken a little bit of time to get all the way down to Brazil but the second winner of the #TypeNone NATO strap is here! _fabs77 has fitted the three-tiered blue strap onto his Seiko and it looks absolutely fantastic! Both the watch and the strap are so versatile as they can be fitted with/on a seemingly endless combination. Remember, if you want to buy your very own Type None NATO strap then head to The Balance Wheel to grab one. All the profit of the strap goes towards research for Type 1 diabetes.

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Bronze is easily one of the coolest metals to use in watchmaking. It might not be as rare or as valuable as gold but when it comes to personalization and patina, there really is no substitute. Lordshapleigh treated his Oris with some brasso and lemon juice to act as a primer then did some called Egg theory to bring out this amazing patina. I know that bronze cases aren't for everyone but to me this is just so cool! It would be fascinating to see what this watch looks like in one hundred years!