This Week in Time: 6th to 12th February

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. Tissot needs more watches like this and less watches like the Pinky. The Seastar is one of their oldest chronographs and this latest iteration is really something. It's cool, it's funky, it's awesome. The combination of the black dial with the various shades of blue works really nicely and I love the fluorescent like central seconds hand as it really draws the eye in. Whilst the price point does limit the amount of detailing possible, I really like the bezel with the raised markers, especially on the aftermarket NATO that vikdalal has on at the moment. 


Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and end up where your imagination takes you. I doubt in 1957 anyone at Omega would have thought a Speedmaster with a glittery space dial would be a success but it was and it's gorgeous. rjkama is right in saying that everytime you look at the dial it changes slightly. The stardust effect is also one of my favorite things about the new Snoopy even if it only is on the case back then. Moonphase Speedmasters might not be 100% true to the original's aim of being a sports watch but even since it went up into Space, the Speedmaster's journey was forever altered. 


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The PloProf is absolutely bonkers. When Omega decided to make a diving watch like no other they just turned all the dials to 11 and produced this. I love it. Whilst Rolex took the more safe route of inventing and developing an entirely new method of safely releasing the build of hydrogen atoms in the watch, Omega just made everything bigger and stronger. Extra Extra thick sapphire crystal, check. A bezel that can only be turned after the red pusher has been pressed, check.  Crown at 9 o'clock plus crown guards the size of your fist plus an extra crown guard just for safety, check.  It was expensive, cumbersome and ultimately not as versatile as the Rolex Sea-Dweller but I love it. Thanks to bomier123 for this cracking piece. If you'd like to learn more about the PloProf and the Sea-Dweller, click here.


It's been months but it feels like years. If you've been following craniotes on Instagram (If you don't, why not?) you know that he's been waiting...and waiting...and waiting for his Omega Speedmaster  Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy for months. He's seen friends get theirs before him, he had to submit to playful taunting from fellow Instagrammers with their own Snoopy but no longer. For those who don't know the story behind the Snoopy, the Snoopy Award is given by NASA to those who contributed to the successful completion of manned space missions. The astronauts on Apollo 13 used their Speedmasters to time engine burns allowing them to return safely to earth. This watch commemorates the 45th anniversary of that mission. Adam, I truly hope the wait was worth it, wear it in good health! 


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Sometimes late at night I toss and turn thinking about why Hamilton won't release a copy of the 'Murph' watch from Interstellar. Until they do that, the Hamilton Khaki as seen here on bawatchpix is the closest we are going to get to it. Hamilton's are wonderful field and tool watches. High quality enough that it won't break at the first sign of trouble yet affordable enough that it's available for mostly everyone. Throw this baby on a cool leather NATO and you've got yourself a winner!


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Modern Longines watches offer some of the most bang for your buck value currently out there. It's a brand who deeply respects their history, likes to re-issue classic lines from the past and makes traditional watches that don't cost the earth. This Longines Master Moonphase from makmak_domph is a truly great watch. An annual calendar, moonphase chronograph that doesn't cost the earth. If you were to get this from any other brand it would easily cost ten times as much. Whilst it is a ETA movement, it is exclusive to Longines and they do go to great lengths to engrave and customize it. I've always liked the parchment style coloring of the Longines traditional dials and the blued steel hands work perfectly with it. 


@oriswatch Big Crown ProPilot GMT is in for a visit. #watchnerd #oris #propilot #gmt

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I feel like Oris looks at the trends of current watchmaking, shakes it head and goes on doing what it wants to do. No unnecessary frills, no bells or whistles tacked on, just a watch doing what it needs to do. This Big Crown ProPilot GMT from lactardjosh is awesome. The GMT, probably my favorite complication, is displayed in such a simple way doesn't clutter up on the most legible dials I've ever seen. Pushing the running seconds to a subdial I think is a brilliant move as it stops any potential confusion of it being confused for the GMT hand at a glance. Also that machine turned style bezel is to die for.