This Week in Time: 5th to 11th March

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So this happened

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What is so great about the Ressence Type 3BB is that it totally redefines what a dive watch looks like. No need for that chunky thick bezel, big crown guards or thick glass. As seen on the wrist of seansongwj, the Type 3BB is so out there, so totally unique compared to the rest of the divers out there. At over $30,000 it's not going to be seen on everyone's wrists down by the pool but that is the case with most luxury dive watches. I'm holding out hope that one day I'll see one of the Ressence watches in the wild as I'm sure no photograph can truly capture what that dial looks like. 


The more I see of Lange the more I catch myself thinking "Patek who?". This Datograph from thehoracle is a perfect example of why, a stunning chronograph that is perfectly designed in every way. I love the big double date window at 12, I love the hands, the elegant tachymeter, the power reserve, I love it all. The chances of me ever owning a Lange are considerably slim but if one doesn't hold out some hope then it certainly will never happen.

#SundayWatchRewind to trying on the most beautiful timepiece I've ever seen in person ✨

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Why doesn't Junghans get the love it deserves? It's modern watches are often overlooked for the other minimalist German watch manufacturer Nomos and whilst their vintage pieces are just as gorgeous as any Longines or Omega, they are often forgotten about. This 1935 piece from sheldinkee is so cool, just look at those elegant sword hands! The longer I stay in the watch community, the more appreciation I have for time only watches as if the design doesn't work, you can't hide it behind subdials or tachy scales. Needless to say this design just works.


It feels that every couple of weeks I'm writing something here to the effect of "Oh, I don't know about Brand X , I really should learn more about them so without further ado....I really don't know as much as I should about Wakmann, I really should learn more about them. If this gorgeous triple calendar from aboynamed_drew is anything to go by I'm in for a treat. Who would have thought that mixing squares, numbers, triangles and circles would have worked for such a interesting dial and even decades after it was made the red pointer hand really jumps out at you. 

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So last week I had the Bulova Whale and now the Fortis Flipper? I'm sensing the creation of a whole new segment dedicated solely to dive watches named after marine mammals. The Omega Orka, the Seiko Sea Otter, the  Wittnauer Walrus or the Maurice Lacroix Manatee? I could go all day but I won't. Seriously though this is one awesome watch from wryst_rider and it has something I've never seen before, a pulsations scale on a rotating bezel on a dive watch. That bezel is just so colorful decades later and I'm loving those weird seventies hour markers. Is there a name for those:?


Sometimes I think the guys over at Mentawatches are taunting me. When they first caught my eye last Summer, they had several UG chronographs, a cool time-only WIttnauer and two register Zenith chrono  and now this! Just stop guys. Stop it. Actually don't because seeing a stunning pink gold chronograph like this can really brighten my day because you don't see many like this anymore! especially with those step lugs. I don't care that the pink gold will completely wash out against my pale English skin, I want it bad. 

Oversized 37.5mm pink gold Uni-compax today with rare step lugs!!

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Today TAG Heuer announced that they will be releasing the Autavia back into collection in 2017 and watch fans could vote for which model they wanted to be the first. I still haven't quite made up my mind whether I think it's an honest attempt to revive a classic or a cynical, pandering clueless gambit which shows that they don't have the courage do it themselves. You might be able to tell which way I'm leaning. This beautiful Heuer Autavia Viceroy from iwatchit isn't in the running but when you've got the original, who cares about the modern one?