This Week in Time: 5th to 11th December

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When you strip away the dial of a watch it is what lies beneath that is truly important. Never mind about brand or metal or rarity, it's all about the movement and this Ludovic Ballouard has one amazing movement. This is a limited edition in honor of the 10 year anniversary of PuristSPro and this watch is one of three ever made. As you might be able to guess from the twelve wheels around the central movement, this watch has a very unique way of displaying the hour. Instead of using a traditional hour hand, each hour markers is able to turn upside down and only rights when it is the correct hour. Functional? Not in the slightest. Inventive and beautiful? Absolutely. To see the dial click here.


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When I first was getting into watches I did not care for Rolex all that much except for one watch, The Rolex Explorer. Not the contemporary one mind you but the classic gilt dial like you see here. This Rolex Explorer Ref.6610 from _._m is utterly stunning and a testament to how perfectly executed simple design can last for years without dating. There is something about a lollipop seconds hand that is just so playful, especially when the rest of the watch is functional and serious. Looking through the rest of _._m's collection you can see a wonderful collection of vintage Rolex, Omega and the odd Heuer or two as well.  


  • This blue beauty is courtesy of ghotihead2001 and if you're in the market for a Memovox then this is your lucky day. This rare Lapis Luzuli dial Jaeger LeCoultre Memovox is absolutely mind-blowing with a seemingly ever-changing array of colors and shades. The alarm complication is one of my favorites, a mechanical throwback to the time before iphones and smartwatches keeping up alerted. It won't be as accurate as those but it's got a hell of a lot more charm to it. This watch also comes with the original bracelet but personally I'd like to see it on a gloss black alligator strap. (Since writing this the watch was featured on Hodinkee's Bring a Loupe so's sold now. Better luck next time folks!)


It seems like an age since I featured a classic weird shape watch from the seventies doesn't it! This Bulova from alushe909 is really something ; a highly polished bubble case with crystal so clear you can't even see it. I wouldn't have thought a piece with hooded lugs would work so well on a leather NATO but this photo has proven me wrong! If this watch was about 5mm shmall my wife would happily wear it simply for the whale alone! I do have to say that I do not condone taking watch shots in meetings and Timepiece Chronicle cannot be held responsible for whatever disciplinary measures are taken as a result of said photos. 


What other Seiko could I have chosen this week after talking about the "Pogue"?. This Seiko. Ref.6139-6002 from carretera18 is in great condition and a perfect example of just how good a watch can look forty something years later. With "Chronograph Automatic" underneath at 12 o'clock we can tell this isn't a Japanese Domestic Market piece. It's on what I think is the tapered H-Link bracelet which has aged really nicely; those shoulder pieces are perfect!! I happen to know that someone on Reddit is after one of these for either cash or trading his Seiko Bullhead. Email me at and I can put you in contact.


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What else could it have been? The Ressence Type 5 is one of the most unique looking dive watches I have ever seen. I love it! It's complete watchmaking witchcraft that any of the Ressence watches work, watching each dial spin around the dial is mesmerizing! For those who are not aware of how these watches work, the minute hand (currently at twenty past) rotates around the dial and the other sub-dials rotate around with it. So currently the watch is reading 1:20 and the temperature is around 20 degrees. A thermometer! on a watch! It will be interesting to see the reaction to divers who compare this to more traditional watches when underwater. I look forward to seeing more of this next year 


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I don't talk enough about women's watches here on Timepiece (Infact the whole industry doesn't talk about women's watches enough!) and in the New Year I'm looking to change that. This white gold Rolex Day Date Ref.1803 is on the wrist on aka its.cara.time aka Ms. Cara Barrett, the associate editor of Hodinkee. The Day-Date is the most iconic dress watch from Rolex and it's easy to see why in this picture. A perfect size for either gender and a timeless design for any age. Thumbs up for what looks like an Old Fashioned as well!