This Week in Time: 3rd to 9th September

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There are so many things to love about vintage watches but something I love so much are the sheer variety of cases and designs that you can get. Sure there is some variety in design today but any number of mid-century watches will knock anything today into a cocked hat. This Patek Philippe Ref. 2431 from watchgirloffduty has some of the most amazing lugs that I've ever seen,seriously, look at those things! If anyone ever tells you that lugs are boring then show them this because they need to be educated.


Okay. Remember what I said about design variety? This IWC Ingenieur doesn't need to worry about standing out from the crowd. Some might think these newer designs are too Genta-esque compared to the svelte dress watch ingenieurs of yesterday but I happen to really dig this crazy case. You've got such dial clarity with those big, bold hands and hour markers that you'll never need to wonder what the time is. Oh, and that ingenieur logo is one of the greatest designs I've ever seen. Simple yet totally effective. waikato7, if anything was going to turn your day around, it is this!

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Gallet. I would ask what happened to you but I know the answer (Part 1 & Part 2 of that story) already and it's far too long a tale so I'll just say that in your prime you made some damn fine watches. The Flying Officer is one of their most recognisable watches and this example from faded.lume is one of the best I've seen. Those wonderful hands are so amazing, especially against the softly faded dial. I'm sure those serving in the forces today would wish their military issued watches were as nice as this. Probably a bit too pricey to kit everyone out with Clamshells though!


Don't worry, I haven't forgotten that my Vulcain Cricket article was lacking any mention of the Vulcain Nautical, as seen here from joaillerie_piron. It's a topic I'm looking to get into later this month as the concept of a auditory alarm, a mechanical one at that, working underwater in the 1960's is just too cool to pass up. Throw in a rotating decompression reference and you've got a winner right there. 


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I know I had a Rolex explorer highlighted on last week's This Week in Time but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to showcase another, especially next to this stunning Oyster Perpetual from vintagefanatic. Dauphine hands, a 9ct yellow gold case and a killer alligator (?) strap and you've got one hell of a vintage Rolex. Whilst Omega still bests Rolex for sheer variety of cases and designs, it doesn't mean that Rolex can't mix things up something as well. 


I've highlighted this Orbis Morgan from alushe909 before on This Week in Time and everytime I'm impressed with just how fun it looks to wear. It might not be haute horology, or even a recognisable brand name, but if you feel free to do whatever you want whilst wearing it then that is a good watch in my books. Also being able to fit a NATO strap is always a plus!


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Whilst I sometimes write about watch industry news I would never call myself a journalist. crawriter however is both a real journalist and a certified watch geek as evidenced here by his amazing notepad, custom pen, recorder and amazing vintage Seiko Bellmatic. Whilst my heart is set on a vintage Universal Geneve Tri-Compax, I've got a feeling that a vintage Seiko is far more likely to appear on my wrist; if it's anything like the Bellmatic, I'd be a happy man. (Also if I could grow facial hair like crawriter I'd be happy as well)