This Week in Time: 2nd to 8th July

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Remember that Gallet Flight Officer I told you about? Well theydid was the winner and this is that beautiful watch in his hands after a few days of patient waiting and a short chase with the postman. I'll be posting a brief update about the watch next week but let's just say that theydid is very happy about the watch and any concerns about the dial have been quashed. It's hard to think that a $6000 watch was a bargain but I certainly think this one was!


Here we have the eternal dilemma of collectors, what happens when you think about selling your grail watch, especially one that is in such good condition as this Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox E855 from kabaclyde. I'm currently only a one watch guy, through budget not choice, so I can't attest to the feeling of obtaining a grail but I do agree with the comments on the photo. If you're not wearing a watch on a regular basis then why not make room for something that will see more wrist time? You might regret it but without regrets in life then no chances were taken! 


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Being English in America on the 4th July is an interesting experience. English patriotism is usually reserved only for football/soccer (A sport that bores me to death) and Royal weddings (an institution I am entirely ambivalent about) so seeing such unbridled love of country across an entire nation is odd. Not to mention that the whole celebration is all about kicking us tea drinking tyrants out in the first place. What I can get behind though is this beautiful Rolex GMT from aaroncynthiaNow that is a wonderful case of red, white and blue that I can cheer for. 


Oh Speedy Tuesday, you offer such a rich and variable crop! One second you're looking at the timeless simplicity of an Ed White then suddenly you're facing with the wonderfully dated Speedmaster 125. Andy_k_1040 describes it as a steel brick and I can see why as the huge square case dominates the watch with the chronograph pushers almost not being visible at all. These 1970s Speedmasters are among some of my favorites because it was when Omega was taking risks with their designs whilst Rolex barely changed the Daytona for years.If you want to see a wrist shot then click here

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Yema Daytona. Valjoux 92.

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There is a lot of hate these days in the forums for brands that use ETA movements. "Where are the glory days of when companies used to make their own movements" they say? I respond with "What glory days?". Some of the greatest watches produced in the last fifty years were made with ETA Valjoux sourced movements that were modified by the companies buying them. How is this any different from what some brands do today? The ubiquity of the Valjoux movements means that you can essentially get the inside of a Daytona or Carrera for a fraction of the price once you change the name on the dial, like the wicked Yema chronograph with Valjoux 92 from watchkelewicz. Great movement, killer dial, this watch has everything going for it. 


Will there ever be a name as cool as Sharkhunter? I don't think so. This Doxa Sub 1200T is from mattonthewater who just picked this up after listening to Jason Heaton and James Stacey's podcast, The Grey Nato. I haven't had an opportunity to get hands on with one of the new Doxas yet but if they half as good as the vintage ones from forty years ago then Matt is one lucky guy. Wear it in good health and don't let it sit in a drawer!!


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I've often asking myself the question of "How nice a guy am I?". Everyone who collects watches wants to have the same experience of walking into a car boot sale/thrift store/Goodwill and finding a heap of vintage watches that are actually worth something but that are marked at $5 a piece. Could I buy those watches without saying something to the seller? I honestly don't know but I'd like to think my mother raised me right so hopefully I would say something. orwochrom recently picked up this Heuer Camero who was only one of two bidders on this ebay auction that didn't try and lowball the seller or get them to end it early. If you want to see just how original the condition of this watch was then click here and here to see how untouched this watch was.