This Week in Time: 2nd to 8th January


During my time in retail I was focused on selling new Omega timepieces and there was no Omega that sparked more debate amongst the sales assistants than this. The Omega Seamaster Bullhead Chronograph courtesy of seaspeedmaster, is a completely oddball compared to the rest of the Omega line. It sits really high on the wrist but is really comfortable to wear, the 12 & 6 o'clock placement of the registers distinguishes it from any other chronograph Omega make and the bullhead. Oh boy the bullhead. It's a love it or hate it layout and I happened to love it. This imagine here is the 2016 Rio Summer Limited Edition with the numbers on the internal bezel colored to match the five olympic rings. 


The cliche in the watch community is that if you've seen one Panerai then you've seen them all;  like most cliches there is a shred of truth to it, I really do think each Panerai has something special to give. This Panerai Luminor 1950 10 Days from sgtpry is a really beauty which boasts (as the name suggestS) a whopping 10 day power reserve. As a functional watch having that long a power reserve is absolutely amazing and it really harkens back to Panerai's origins as a military watch. The sub-dial as GMT is a unique way of displaying the extra time zone and I love the retrograde display of the power reserve. 


Not every watch needs to cost the world and this Tissot Visodate from theoldjago is a perfect example of that. Whilst they have as many different families of watches as there are days in the year, Tissot knocked it out of the park with this heritage inspired piece. Nice, elegant lugs and a brand logo that just scream style, Tissot need to make more like this and less of the Tissot "Pinky"


Think we brought the #HEAT with our new additions???

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Micro rotors are just cool, am I right? They have the same pleasing-to-the-eye movement of a full automatic but all the openness of a manual wind. This is one of the new watches that just hit the Theo & Harris Store and it is gorgeous. I'm not usually a yellow gold fan simply because it washes out against my pale skin but for a Polerouter I'll make an exception. 


The "entry-level" Rolex watches are often ignored for the most part in favor of the more expensive and iconic pieces like the Explorer of Daytona; but I really like this Oyster Perpetual with a red grape dial. It's not fully a "man's" watch with the dial color and it's slightly larger than the traditional ladies watch but I think it's great. I bash Rolex sometimes about how they don't change their designs and whilst that is still true, the addition of white and red grape dials really added something to the Oyster Perpetual Range. Thanks to Rolexshow_israel for the picture.


What time is is?🙈 Sound and rhythm from The Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Erotica🎶Via @equationdutemps

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In a few that saw H.Moser test the resolve the Apple's legal team, why not pick something a little bit novel and dare I say fun?. The Ulysse Nardian Hourstriker Erotica from you can see what it is can't you? I don't think there is really anything I can say here. Other than  if you'd like to learn more about sonnerie and chiming watches then you should read this article right here.


Some watch dials are so iconic that even a quick glance at them will tell you what they are. A mixture of circles and rectangles with that tell all mercedes hand? Probably a Sub. Sometimes you don't even need the dial, just the lume to know what it is . This Urwerk is exactly that. There is nothing in the world that looks like an Urwerk, especially at night. This shot from watchmakerguy was part of the regular  #fridaynightlumebattle and it makes me really want to get a watch that has lume!! Damn dress watches.