This Week in Time: 28th November to 4th December

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Whatever designer or watchmaker at Omega first suggested the idea of this new Snoopy edition then they need a raise. Everyone online is clamoring for one and the wait times seem to be getting longer and longer. This piece isn't matttheturk's but instead belongs to a friend of his. The watch community always surprises me as who would have thought a limited edition watch with a cartoon dog on it would be so very popular? Looking at the watch I really do like everything about it, the "What could you do in 14 seconds?" track in the top left, the change of dial color from black to white and of course the lovable sleepy dog himself, Snoopy. As this is my first Christmas in the United States I'll be actively seeking out A Charlie Brown Christmas to watch as I've never seen it before! If only I had one of these watches on hand whilst watching!


I've spoken before on This Week in Time about my first watch I loved, a cheap jump hour from a department store and this Oris pushes all the right buttons. Lactardjosh perfectly frames the Oris Artelier Jumping Hour that he say at Red Bar Philly and I must say I'm smitten as well. Whilst it's initially a bit of a shock to not see an hour hand going round this watch is beautifully designed as it forces your eye to work down the dial reading hours, minutes, seconds in order. The engraving on the dial is gorgeous as well with a subtle wave pattern that differs with each section again enforcing where your eye should be looking. Oris is a great independent watch company and I hope to be seeing more of them in 2016.


Rolex. On Instagram. If you had told me this a month ago I wouldn't have believed you. Those two words seem to come from completely different world. Rolex. Instagram. I wrote piece earlier this week about this news but the long and short of it is that I'm really really interested in seeing what the Crown will be putting out on this platform. If it's more like this macro photo of a Yachtmaster folding clasp then we are all in for a Christmas treat.


I try not to solely pick Speedmasters for my Tuesday slot as #SpeedyTuesday is already a thing but boy, when they are this good what can you do? This Omega Speedmaster Professional Ref.105.012 from paddyfitzgerald is simply stunning.Whilst I prefer the first outing of the Speedmaster in the Ref. CK2915, this watch is still out of this world, literally when you think that this is the only confirmed reference Speedmaster to land on the moon. It was the first to have professional on the dial (Unrelated to the Moon landing), first to have an asymmetric case and still has that gorgeous step dial from earlier models. I don't know what brand of NATO strap Paddy has on his watch but boy it sure looks good against the black tachy bezel. 


"Hello Newman"

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Whilst I'm more of a Robert Redford guy myself (For your own good, go watch 3 Days of the Condor, right now), I'm not immune to the charms of Mr. Paul Newman. He makes a good pasta sauce and has a very beautiful watch commonly referred to as "The Paul Newman", the Rolex Daytona Ref. 6263 shown here by dylanduston. Whilst the Rolex Submariner might be the epitome to many people of Rolex watches, I don't think anyone can make the argument that the Daytona is the better looking cousin. Every detail on this piece is spot on, the creamy dial, the art deco style numbers on the sub dials, the applied crown, everything is gorgeous. I can't say that I've ever seen the point in screw-down chronograph pushers but somehow they just work on this watch. A timeless classic, rather like Mr. Newman himself.


Sometimes you just have to sit back and realize just how beautiful Patek Philippe's are. Consider that everything you see was put together by hand. Consider that in hundred years this watch (if properly cared for) will still work perfectly and Patek will still be able to service it. This Patek Philippe Ref.591 chronograph the PatekMadisonTime is simply to die for. Think that everything on this piece was designed, constructed and refined without the aid of a single computer. Just the will and desire to create something beautiful. There are chronographs and then there are chronographs. This is the latter.


It seems like NATO strap are being put on everything these days from Subs to Seikos, from Datographs to Datejusts and in my opinion not all of them work. This works. Boy oh boy does this one work. If there was any watch in the world that was born to have a NATO strap then this Heuer Bund 1550sg from mikeinfrankfurt is that watch. Everything you want in a kickass military issued watch is here. Valjoux movement? Check. Flyback chronograph? Check. 3H stamped on the dial? Check? Well-aged case size? Check (43mm).It might seem odd at first to have a diving bezel on what seems like a pilots watch but that additional functionality might make all the difference in a time of need. Or it controls some hidden function on an Army issued BMW. Bratwurst dispenser probably.