This Week in Time: 27th August to 2nd September

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Doxa, they only made those crazily over-engineered dive watches in the seventies, right? Wrong. One look at this wonderful antimagnetic chronograph from the 1930's show you that the Doxa were capable of making watches that weren't the Sub300. This watch from glbrunner is astounding. Firstly you have these glorious buckle style lugs that are so stylish and compliment the period dial design so well. That spiralling inner tachymetre is just so awesome! 


Despite the irony of these watches all having silver dials and coming from bluedialsrule, I love these watches. When I spoke with Alex Stephens from Watches of Knightsbridge, we both agreed that whilst vintage Rolex will always be more desirable, vintage Omega gives the buyer so much choice; different cases, hands, dials, hour markers, lugs, the list goes on an on. My personal preference is the middle automatic with the tear drop lugs. It's gorgeous.

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Now this is a blue dial watch! Not only do you have one of the coolest Seiko diving watches, the Prospex, but this is the limited distribution PADI dial. What is Padi I hear you ask? Padi is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors which adds further street (or maybe Wave) cred to this watch. I'm hoping to review a Seiko dive watch later this year, not that I can dive but hey ho, and if it's half as good as this I'll be happy. Thanks to wristocrat for sharing!


Wow. Just Wow. I talk a lot about how hard it is to make a simple design work on a watch and this Rolex Explorer Ref. 6610 just nails it. Say what you will about Rolex's current collection but in the day they sure knew how to put a watch together. The dial has aged gracefully with a wonderful patina across all the hour markers and hands. My wish list s forever increasing but a nice, versatile vintage Explorer like this is definitely on there. nbtimes, you're one very lucky guy. 

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Detox !

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The dress chronograph is one of the hardest watches to pull of correctly; it has to still remain functional whilst not seeming out of place in a more formal setting. This Cyma chronograph on the wrist of petitsamourai manages this balancing act perfectly. The tachymetre around the edge of a dial hints at usefulness but the elegant arabic numerals and the clean dial (plus the gold case) make it look oh so suave. 


Sometimes the unknown can be truly exciting. I have never heard of Akrivia, I've got no idea of what kind of brand they are and I've never seen this watch before, but look how cool it is!! The curving case has got so many facets, the dial is so clean with a really interesting looking hand there. You've got a tourbillon on display which, as I think about it, is a complication I haven't really touched on. Maybe that will change in the near future? Who knows. xhevdet.rexhepi, I'm very very curious. 



I've talked about the simplicity of the Rolex Submariner above, so why not showcase the wonderful madness that is the Omega Flightmaster. I think this watch is absolutely brilliant! It's a true form over function watch with multiple time zones being displayed by different colored hands and registers, a rotating inner bezel for additional timing plus a chronograph. How can you not love something this ambitiously crazy? danhenrycollection obviously feels the same way!