This Week in Time: 26th September to 2nd October


In the grand family tree of revered Swiss watch families, Tissot is now often seen as the second cousin twice removed. A brand that has somewhat fallen into horological obscurity since the powers that be at Swatch decided to market Tissot as an entry level quartz swiss watch. Not that current day Tissot's are nothing to turn your nose at but in my opinion they have diluted themselves with a preposterous amount of models available; some great watches can be found like the ever functional T-Touch and the elegant Le Locle. This Tissot Seastar from mcmr95 is a great example of the type of classic watches Tissot used to produce in it's heyday. I love the brushed finish of the case, the gentle sloping lugs and the bracelet. This piece is currently for sale so go check it out before you miss out!


Over the years I like to think i've acquired certain talents, I'm a singer, a half decent pianist and an excellent Guitar Hero player but something that has eluded me is drawing. I could blame my lefthandedness, I could blame the weird claw like way I hold pens but when it comes down to it, I'm just not meant to be an artist. So when I see a picture like this I feel heavy pangs of jealousy.  watchsketch is a fascinating account that posts one sketch a day, sometimes of an original design or sometimes of an existing watch. I can really see the comparison between this sketch and the Apple Watch, especially the short lugs with the integrated strap. I look forward to seeing whatever concepts watchsketch is able to bring forth in the future.


Shown here are probably two of my favorite watches ever made, the Universal Geneve Polerouter and the Omega Constellation. Is it coincidence that these watches were made within several years of each other? Is it coincidence that both families were designed by renowned watch designer Gerald Genta? Probably not. These two examples from chrono_chat are stunning and have a gorgeous patina over their dials. My list of watches I want seems to be getting longer and longer but these two will always remain at the top. Alex recently launched the Curio Supply Company who produce some really high beautiful watch rolls, the M1R in brown with ivory stitching certainly caught my eye. Perhaps once I have more than one watch I'll make an investment.


For the most part when I think of Tudor I think either the Submariner, Monte Carlo or Advisor yet Tudor have produced some beautiful dress watches as well. This Tudor Prince from josephjmaster is a great example. For me this piece is all about the details, the thin but striking applied hour markers or the grey Tudor shield at 12. I will admit that I would never have thought the cyclops (Or the "Old Man bubble" as my wife calls it) would look suitable on a dress watch but this clearly shows how wrong I was. 

Shucked and shining.

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Simple. Perfect. Gent's Wittnauer manual wind with Breguet Dial and feuille hands, coming soon!

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So I've spoken about Wittnauer many times before on the site and frankly I just love them. It's really encouraging to see Wittnauer watches getting more and more popular, especially gorgeous pieces like this from analogshift. I would never have thought Breguet numerals would work so well with a  NATO strap but somehow it just does. Perhaps it's the simple case design which is reminiscent of military issue watches, the short polished lugs and the large crown.  This elegantly aged dial with those gorgeous feuille hands is stunning. Definitely one to check out when it goes live on their site!


Sometimes it is not just the watch but also the composition that makes the photograph and this picture from spinakerr is just gorgeous. I was fortunate enough to meet James last year at a Fratello Watches Speedmaster G2G and I got up close and personal with his Ed White Speedmaster. A piece in very very good condition and if my memory is accurate James had to race across most of the South of England to get this piece before it was sold. Produced between 1963 to 1965 (With a few leftovers being shipped in 1969) the Ref. 105.003 was used by NASA Astronaut Ed White during the first ever American spacewalk. One beautiful watch and one beautiful photo!






Lunch @kutchiin, Munich. Luckily on time thanks to the #omegavintage #edwhite #speedmaster #105003

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Lugs are cool. Is that weird to say? Nothing can make or break a piece quite like good lugs and boy does this Longines have great ones! This vintage Longines from 1937 from vintagelongines might have a dial that has been well worn over the years but my word those kickass scarab lugs are to die for. I'm in love.  Not to mention that this watch features the legendary Longines Caliber 12.68z. Being from 1937 it is a little on the smaller side at 32mm but when it looks like that then I really don't care. Love. Love. Love.

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