This Week in Time: 26th March to 1st April

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Close up packshot of the P-51-03 🔍

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One criticism that is often leveled at Kickstarter or micro brands is the lack of history behind the watches. Rec Watches have the perfect counter to that in their latest watch which incorporates parts of vintage American muscles cars into the dial. This particular watch has a dial made from a 1966 Mustang with the cars VIN number at 10 o'clock with the dials designed like a dashboard of a car: the white tipped seconds hands, the choice of font for the minute markers and of course the fuel/power reserve at 12 o'clock. 


Speaking of interesting dials, this Omega Seamaster De Ville certainly has one! Seen here from watchmemoirthis watch was only for the US market and has a dial that changes color when under different light. In an instant it goes from a sort of sand-blasted gold finish to the more traditional silver dress watch style seen on so many watches from the sixties. You can see it change color right here.  What you also see as well is the rare clear case back (all original!) that is typically only found in pieces for salesman so they could show off the quality of Omega's workmanship. 

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Last week I wrote an about the Longines Heritage 191 that was announced at Baselworld and how I don't think it's a watch for anyone. Longines have such a huge catalog of watches to go through to reissue and this square dress piece from veblenist is one they could certainly reissue to praise from myself. The design is just seventies enough to be heritage yet it's something that a modern market would really appreciate. The blue dial is simply stunning as is the strap choice as well. If you are interested then shot veblenist a DM as this piece is currently for sale!


I love the Speedmaster Mark II. I really really love it, especially the racing dial as seen here on the wrist of deviant_saint. The autumnal mixture of reds, yellows and oranges all work perfectly and have only improved with age. What's even better is that the wonderfully odd tonneau shaped case is absolutely perfect, s does the tachymetre. Congrats to deviant for his recent and unexpected purchase, wear it well!

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Sometimes all you need is a clean dial with a good name written on it and this Gallet chronograph from sliceoftime_ is exactly that. Instantly legible yet forever beautiful, this Multichron speaks volumes of the type of quality watches that Gallet was putting out in their prime. Inside this watch is not the typical Valjoux but the Excelsior Park 40 that say the inside of a lot of Gallet chronographs. Is it better or worse than the Valjoux? From what I've seen it's all a matter of taste as to how one likes the action of the pushers.


It seems like an age since I wrote one of my first big articles about the quartz crisis and this Hamilton Everest fits right in with the rest of the watches I talked about. Electric watches are such an interesting divergence from mechanical on the road to quartz with some truly fascinating movements and if this watch from retroworx has a movement half as good looking as it's dial then you're in for a treat. Instantly recognisable as a watch from the fifties with it's futuristic case design. It's only now that I've noticed that the 12 is actually not on the dial! This piece is currently for sale as a project watch over at Ebay if you're interested!

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Breaking: Trump announces the Trump by Trump Watches. Only on #wornandwound

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It was only a few weeks after I moved to America that Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States. You could say that all I've ever known is Trump's America which is why this majestic timepiece resonantly so much with me. I don't know who at Worn & Wound is connected enough to have an in with The Donald but I'm jealous. Through sheer force of will and tasteful use of gold, this watch will make watches great again. Go read the full release here and be content in the knowledge that Trump watches by Trump are finally here.