This Week in Time: 25th June to 1st July

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The IWC Portuguese 7 is a watch that has very few design elements (Simple arabic numerals, two subdials, a date aperture) but does these elements so well that it doesn't matter. This photo of gsshott's IWC by kidwizzle is a study of those elements. A watch from a cheaper brand would have printed those numerals instead of applying them meaning lack of depth. Someone not paying attention could have missed the border around the aperture that frames it so wonderfully. The subdials could have been the wrong size and thrown off the entire watch. But luckily for us everything worked out perfectly. 


Speaking of the importance of the details, just look at this macro shot of a Longines dial from watchsteez. It's only when you take a second to actually look at the numerals do you realise that they aren't perfectly even, they slope, they taper and widen to emphasize the design. There is so much character in that little figure 8 that a printed number can never hope to obtain.  For those wanting to see the whole watch click here and for those interested, it is for sale right here.

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It seems I'm heading on a Simple is best theme this week aren't I? From funky arabic numerals to the refined elegance of roman numerals on this 1944 Omega on the wrist of wristcontext. Whilst I do love the crazy cases, wacky hour markers and bright colors of watches from the 1970's, I have to tip my hat to something as timeless as this every single time. To top it all off this is completely unpolished as well. Simply gorgeous. (I couldn't resist linking to his wonderful Wittnauer chronograph right here)


Remember the days when Rolex made watches that looked like this? I don't think in my lifetime will I see a wide release from Rolex that comes anywhere near to this wonderful ladies piece from cmtwatches. The dauphine hands are gorgeous but the killer takeaway from this watch are the star hour markers that light up the dial. The dial has started to fade but that works so well with the soft patina of the case. A Rolex that my wife might actually like? I'll update you when I show her.

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Rememeber what I said above about elegance and refined timeless design? Fuggedaboutit! This  Rado Diastar from alushe909 is pure bell bottomed seventies goodness. One of the first attempts to make a scratch resistant case, the Diastar is made from tungsten carbide and years later you can see that it worked. Not a scratch nor ding anywhere on it! 


Here we have the first winner of the Timepiece Chronicle NATO strap giveaway I did when I reached 500 followers on Instagram, qbnchem. The great thing about thebalancewheel's strap is that it works so well on so many different kinds of watches including this great Rolex Submariner date. The other winner lives down in Brazil so his strap is taking a little bit longer to arrive but I'll make sure to post it when it does!


As an Englishman stuck in North Carolina, I'll feel a little bit out of place over this coming 4th July weekend so I'll give a shout out to a fellow commonwealther watches4water. This Friday is Canada Day up in the Great White North and this Seiko on a very cool water droplet strap looks great against that big Maple leaf. If this picture gets 100 likes, watches4water will be donating $100 to Charity Water, a charity that aims to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in need around the world. So go on, give it a like!