This Week in Time: 24th to 30th October


I'm sure everyone in the watch world the Rolex GMT Master was created to aid pilots to keep track of multiple timezones so it's really cool when you see one on the wrist of an actual pilot. The very aptly named theflywrist is a pilot and aviation enthusiast who has many many watches in his collection including this, the Rolex GMT Master II Ref. 116701BLNR or known simply as The Batman. Whilst I'm sure all those knobs, button, switches, toggles and electrical thingamajigs keep him pretty informed as to what's going on during the flight, I'm sure theflywrist is pretty confident in having the Dark Knight keeping time nearby.


Whilst watch brands never cease to inform us that they have been around for X number of years, it's sometimes very easy to forget that the brands of today are very different from those of yesteryear. The Breitlings of today are big steel and titanium powerhouses built for men doing manly things yet this elegant Breitling Transocean by rainbowfix22 is certainly from a more civilised age. There are of course contemporary Transocean's but nothing that really captured the simplicity of this piece. The cross hair dial and the bombe lugs are just so so cool. 


I think I might have a slight obsession with seventies designs as evidenced by how much I think this Hamilton Sea-lectric II from n_the0ry is awesome. It's very awesome. It's not that I don't love a good mid century time only dress watch because I do (as evidenced above by the Breitling Transocean) but there is something about the big odd case size, the ever present moniker of omatic/lectric that just has so much character. I'll try and tone it down for the rest of the week I promise.


The Grey Side of the Moon is probably my favorite watch to come out of Baselworld last year. Yes even the Seamaster 300 didn't beat this platinum dialed beauty. This great shot from wristmachine shows the amount of depth in the dial with the contrasting applied hour marker to the sunken sub dials. The textured platinum dial is such a classic and I have to say I prefer this to it's more popular older brother, the Dark Side of the Moon. I just wish Omega would have been able to get the trademark for Lunar Dust!!


Time does many thing to watches. Scratches will gradually appear as the watch sees daily use, dials will fade from crisp black to deep brown and sometimes red bezels  turns to purple. This is one vibrant Rolex GMT-Master on the wrist of plymouth.hemi.1971 and I think it' great with the purple half of the GMT bezel really standing out against the faded blue and the black dial. It is very reminiscent of the GMT Master that Alan Maleh displayed in an early episode of Hodinkee's Talking Watches. Not only is that bezel amazing but the hour markers has such a beautiful creamy color to them. Brilliant in every sense!


Heuer From 40s with Valjoux 13" extremely rare. Enjoy !!!

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Just seconds before seeing this amazing Heuer chronograph from josecarlosaldanha I had see the new TAG Heuer Pro-Stopwatch. Which one do you think I prefer? Is it the beautifully designed, functional yet stylish Heuer with it's gilt lettering and timeless design? Or is it an emotionless digital stopwatch with TAG HEUER blazoned across it in a multitude of colours? I get that it's a professional tool but I just like to hope that someday we'll get a professional chronograph that looks as good as this Heuer from nearly seventy years ago.


Talk about a super cool divers watch right? This vintage Bulova Diving Chronograph courtesy of sleibo23 is gorgeous and for me comes completely out of left field. Apart from their development of the Bulova Accutron I'm very unaware of what pieces Bulova made during their heyday and this is certainly one of them. What is not to like about this watch? Those short stubby brushed steel lugs are sweet and the faded grey diving bezel with those really defined teeth is amazing. Vintage Bulova has definitely been added to my wishlist now!

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