This Week in Time: 23rd to 29th January

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If I had to summarise everything I've learnt about watch collecting over the last few years I reckon it could be summarised in one sentence. Value over brand every time. This reverse panda two dialed HAmilton Chrono is really crisp, especially with the older Hamilton logo. The sad thing is there was a time when I wouldn't have given this a second look, thankfully I know a lot better now. For those in love with dial symmetry you can't get much better than this. Msirinsky recently wrote a guest post for Theo and Harris about collecting, click here to check it out. 


FOR SALE: #Heuer #Bundeswehr Chronograph #Valjoux230 #Flyback - Case 43mm w/c

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When I get down about the state of TAG Heuer today, I think of watches like this and it makes me feel all warm inside. This Heuer Bundeswehr chronograph is currently for sale through themasterofspeed and it looks like a real beauty. The watch has everything going for it, flyback chronograph, Valjoux movement, military issue. Oh and it looks great. Keep your Connected Watch TAG, this is where the real deal is!.


Up close with the #vintageZenith #ElPrimero for this #macroMonday. ⌚️🔍👊🏼

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Not all chronographs are in circular cases with panda dials! Sometimes they are like this vintage Zenith Primero from nywatchguy, funky to the max! If you want to see  full wrist shot of this watch then click here. I love the look of this Zenith, the wide chronograph dials on that super seventies TV screen case. You would even make the argument that the integrated bezel kinda looks like a pair of flared jeans but that might just be me.


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Announced last year at Baselworld, the Omega Globemaster was the first watch to have a Master Chronometer rating. This is a new chronometer created in partnership with Omega and the Swiss Institute of Metrology (METAS) that would include magnetisim tests in the assessment. This example from waikato7 has that gorgeous blue pie pan dial with a tungsten bezel. I've yet to see one out in the wild so for me it's still a toss up between this and 2014's Omega DeVille Tresor to be the champ of Omega's new dress watches. 


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Last week at SIHH 2016, De Bethune announced the De Bethune Dream Watch 5. A case made out of meteorite. Woah. Details seem to be very few about exactly how they made a case out of meteorite, how many they'll make but for now I'm happy to just bask in the bluey glory of what they have made. Thanks to talonedc for the photo of the amazing case back with exposed tourbillon. For those interested in learning about meteorite dials on watches, then click here.


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I think out of all the possible dial combinations I think that the mystery dial is by far my favorite. Something that is so simple is also incredibly charming, delightful and  well....mysterious. This Longines from xxjorelxx is a real delight, with the hour being displayed on the mystery dial and the minute hand looking very lonesome in the center. At first glance due to the inner circle I thought this was a Memovox or similar alarm but instead it's something a lot more refined. For those that want the curtain lifted about the mystery of mystery dials, there is usually a a piece of flat glass that has the hand placed upon it. This piece of glass then is turned by unseen gears/feelers to make it appear that the hand is floating. Whether that is the case here with xxjorelxx's Longines I don't know. Still cool though! 


Patek #5167

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Sometimes there is no alternative but to end the week with a Patek. This gorgeous Patek Philippe Aquanaut Ref.5167 is from letternever_sent and it is lush. I will say that recently the more sporty aquanaut has been growing on me with this time only version being especially high on my want list. Nothing much else more to say other than gimme gimme gimme. Please.