This Week in Time: 20th to 26th August

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You might remember theydid from a few weeks back when he bought that amazing Gallet Flight Officer. Well his collection isn't limited to chronographs as we can see this gorgeous A.Lange & Sohne time-only piece ready to hit the weekend. I never think of Lange as producing watches that look like this, the Lange 1 & Zeitwerk designs are so prevalent in my mind but this is just perfection. The alpha hands are so elegant and are proportioned so wonderfully. This is how simple watches were meant to be people, take note. 


Sometimes I just don't understand how people can get watch photos to look this damn good. Not only have you got a really interesting looking retrograde Maurice LaCroix but it's framed so well against the pink desert. Even though my Samsung apparently has a good camera I can never get the lighting right so I can only imagine how many failed shots it would have taken me to do this. Oh and a few desert covered watches as well. golfschool95, I am forever envious of your ability. 



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Just because you don't know the brand, it doesn't mean that you can't appreciate the watch. This Tavannes chronograph from 67frabasile is absolutely stunning and in remarkable condition given that it's from the 1940s. The multi-scale dial, with both tachymeter and telemeter, with overlapping registers is a design staple of that era but it still looks good seventy years on. 


This watch sure is BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRilliant. Sorry, I just had to. Anyone who's spent enough time on the internet will ahve come across the bizarre love for the A-10 Gun and this bremontmilitary caseback is a wonderful homage to it. The rotor will be constantly spinning backwards and forwards all day but I doubt it will match the rate of 4,200 rounds per minute that a true A-10 can do. 


This Ludovic Ballouard (That's a lot of vowels) Upside Down is one of the most charming and pointless complications I've ever seen. Only a minute hand is present with the hour being displayed on the only number that isn't upside down. It's slightly confusing and not easily to read in a pinch but it's still absolutely delightful and charming. Throw in a beautiful Dupont roll lighter and an irritatingly talented photographer (The aptly named thewatchphotographer) and you're onto a real success.


Apparently this week has a theme of "highlighting photographers that make me feel inadequate". Well double it for this Oris 65 from watchesoff. I mean seriously, c'mon man! Why can't I get nice even lighting like this?! Seriously though, this Oris is photographed beautifully and it shows that good design can be purchased on a budget. Combine that amazing retro dial with some killer lugs and an awesome strap between them and you're onto a winner. If you want to see more photography from watchesoff, head over here to see his album. You won't be disappointed.   


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A Ref. 6541 Milgauss is one of my favorite vintage Rolexes because it represents a time when The Crown was willing to take chances on weird niche products. Just like the Explorer II, the Milgauss was made for a small set of people who needed a watch that was resistance to magnetic fields and what they got was this utterly gorgeous watch. The lightning bolt second hand is simply divine and that waffle dial, alongside being so eye catching, was actually designed to further increase the magnetic resistance. patinatime, just wow.