This Week in Time: 18th to 24th June


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New watches are all well and good but when it comes down to it, vintage is where the stories are. Watches that have been through countless adventures before they end up on your wrists. This Patek Philippe is one of those watches. I won't spoil the story that boxandpapers wrote but click here to read it. It's worth your time, believe me. The lucky man who owns it? alexspizman.


Sometimes there are watches that buck the trend of design of the current age. Looking at this watch I might have assumed 1940s or 50s but 1970s? No way. This Cabot was issued to the British RAF in 1978 and is a wonderful example of timeless design. The slight barrel shaped case only hints at the decade of creation. It's fantastic. What a watch bloodkrishnadatmaduncle (Now that's a mouthful!).


Oh WittnauerI shall always love thee. I couldn't be happier that over the past few years this brand has seen such a warm acceptance within the watch community and this chronograph on the wrist of thecharlestonwatchsociety sure is awesome. I've seen a few hour/minute hand variations but that lollipop second hand is a fantastic constant through all of them. 


My wife often complains when I show her a modern Rolex. Too many shapes on the dial, far too much text and don't get her started on the cyclops! This however is right up her street, a beautiful Rolex Oyster on the wrist of livingtheanchorlife. It's a refined classic which has such perfect little touches; the facets on the hour markers, the textured dial, the big chunky crown. I love it and you should too.


I usually like to keep the watches I showcase on This Week in Time on the more affordable scale of things, but when I saw this Rolex Daytona there was nothing I could do but chose it. I mean look at it. The patina, the hands, the dial, everything is so damn pretty. Just because this piece is unobtainable for most of us doesn't make it any less wonderful. atin_chop, you are one lucky man.


I'm no football fan (or American football as I still call it) but I can certainly get behind this Casio G-Shock from daredanial. Legend has it that the creator was tasked with building a watch that could survive being thrown off a second story building. He was just an intern and was never meant to succeed. Looks like he proved them wrong.

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It would an understatement to say that Brexit has left a lot of people, myself included, daze and confused. Putting politics aside, it is important we remember the huge horological impact Britain has had in years past and present. For example this stunning piece from R.W. Smith seen on the wrist of horologyandtechnology. All handmade on the Isle of Man by a select team of some of the best watchmakers in the business. Bloody marvelous.