This Week in Time: 17th to 23rd September

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Glycine might not be on the tip of your tongue when talking about pilot watches, but their Airman line has a rich history behind it. A twenty four hour dial is great for those frequently traveling across multiple time zones quickly (and working all hours of the night as well) and even though this isn't a true world timer, whatmeworry has got a killer watch on his wrist. 


Now there is a huge contrast between the vintage Baume & Mercier Tri-Compax I highlighted last week and this modern diver courtesy of ricosuavebolla. Say goodbye to the the sloping lugs and elegant dial and say hello to this angular, modernist impression of a dive watch. I really like the hands on this piece, especially the split hour marker circle that is a nice twist on the 'mercedes' hand seen on those other dive watches.


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Ok, I might be a day early for Speedy Tuesday but when I say this amazing speedmaster shot, I just couldn't resist. The Speedy is an odd piece when you think about it; it's almost as ubiquitous and as adored as a Rolex Submariner yet can it has more of a watch street cred to it. You can go through life not owning a Sub but you can't seemingly call yourself a watch geek without owning a Speedmaster. Thanks to forevwatch for this amazing shot. 


The Vacheron Constantin Ref. 222 is one of the most oft forgotten watches of VC. Often thought to have been designed by Gerald Genta (It wasn't), the 222 is compared against actual Genta designs like the Royal Oak and Nautilus as they share some similarities. This later edition on the wrist of farlius have got some great touches, the amazing bezel and the small VC emblem on the case lug. Love it. 

#222Tuesday #youknowthedrill 😉

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Wowee. Now when you talk about wrist presence, you all need to be thinking of this Yema World Timer from bloodkrishnadatmaduncle (That's a mouthful). It's certainly a bit of a variation on what Louis Cottier originally imagined the world timer would be but it serves its purpose and really that's all you can ask for. 


Multi-scale dials are just the best, right?! Especially when they look like this, a watch that is ninety years old and still kicking. Sometimes it takes only two colors, black and white, to make a great design. mywatchisbetterlooking seems to have a very, very apt name!


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Not all military issued watches are from World War 2 or Vietnam you know.Whilst this watch, issued to the USAF in 1986, says Adanac on the dial it was actually manufactured by Gallet. They were under contract to the US Government and sold their watches in the United States under the name Adanac and in Canada under the name Marathon. They're really cool watches ,especially when you consider the rich history of military issued watches that Gallet has. Great shot jelliottz.