This Week in Time: 14th to 21st May

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Different strokes for different folks. - #watchfam

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As alushe909 says here "Different strokes for for different blokes".  I can't imagine a day that I'd ever wear as something so monstrously humongous  as that Invicta; that being said  though I do like the jerry can style crown guard, perhaps on a smaller watch? Alushe's Bulova is wonderful as always and I'm always surprised to see how well a hooded lug case works with a NATO strap. I've been looking for a watch like this for a while but have yet to see one with such a great dial and hand combo. Someday I'm sure. 


Move over Omega, there is a new Moonwatch on the block. This modern interpretation of a vintage Bulova worn by Dave Scott on the moon is really something. The rectangular pushers really make it stand out against the crowd. Whilst purists would have preferred a manual wind chronograph movement, the special high frequency quartz has received praise from a lot of people and it keeps the price within the reach of the average buyer. Thanks to wristocrat for the great picture.

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Lugs are probably one of the most overlooked features on a watch and this Tissot antimagnetique from dustinreed_ has them in spades. The teardrop lugs mirror the hour markers at 6 and 9 perfectly and make this one sexy watch. Oh Dustin, please don't clean the dial! It's perfect just the way it is! 


I'll admit that I'm not a Panerai guy. I know that if I stuck in and learnt more about them then I'd recognise all the individual traits of each watch and how they don't actually look all alike. That being said I have to admire the simplicity of this Luminor from bobbyhendarto. This watch is on one of the #typenone NATO straps that thebalancewheel is selling to help raising money to support Type 1 diabetes research. (Update: As of Friday 20th he has raised $2,500 towards his cause). If you want to purchase one of the straps then head to


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Everyone remembers their first watch. For me it was a cheap quartz jump-hour piece that I loved so much until the spring bar broke and I lost it forever. For watchesoff it is his vintage Seiko Navigator Timer looking as fresh as the day it was made here in this great picture. I really like the alternate take on the red/blue twenty four scale as it frames the dial just wonderfully. 


From an immaculate Seiko to this! This Seiko Speedtimer from kidwizzle has patina for days! I've said before that one man's (or woman's) patina is another man's dial damage and for me this watch is fantastic. The almost burnt like brown patina on the top register combined with the alternating racing markers is so cool. Out of all the watches on my "Finding for a buck at a flea market" list I still think a Seiko like this is a possibility.  If you want to see the full watch in all its glory then click here!

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Knights of the round table by Roger Dubuis #rogerdubuis

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What is so brilliant about watchmaking and the passions of collectors is that a beat up 'ol Seiko can be just as great as this; the Roger Dubois Knights of the Round table as seen on the wrist of mrswatchpicsAs you can see from the amount of detail on each knight and the wonderful pattern table/dial, this is true art on the wrist. Roger Dubois is one of those brands that I don't know enough about and it is pieces like this that make me want to learn more.