This Week in Time: 13th to 19th February

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Have I told you how much I like watches with weird cases? I might have mentioned it once or twice but I'll say it again: I love watches with weird cases. This Eberhard & Co Contograf from timetitans is such a beautiful example of the barrel case. Eberhard is a company I'll be looking into more as it's one I know every little about but if they make more great pieces like this then I'm in for a treat. The hands and hour markers have got such a wonderful patina, the only real hint other than the design that this is vintage watch. Bring back the Barrel Case!


Anytime I catch myself thinking about "What if I became a watch repairer", I should show myself this picture from classicwatchrepair and remember that I don't have the patience of the dexterity.  The innumerable amount of pieces, some thinner than a human hair, all have to be cleaned, oiled, adjusted, replaced and then back together again. Why do I suspect that I'd find one or two spare pieces if I tried this! 


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Ok I'll claim a little bias on my part for this selection. This Zenith Power Reserve from senmurv is almost identical my own Zenith Captain Dualtime but it's my blog and I can pick who I want. I love how seamlessly the power reserve fits in with the aesthetic of the watch and the engraving on the dial as it perfectly suits the style of the Zenith. What does make me sad however is that I'm forced to see the stunning alligator strap that my watch came on here. I foolishly swapped mine over and then lost the top half and unfortunately bills come before straps.


By picking this Omega Speedmaster 4.5 and the above Eberhard & Co chrono, I've now filled my obligatory "two watches with odd barrel cases" quota. It's big, it's bulky, the dial is chock full of every available counter and timer that Omega could fit in there and I love it. It's not the Moonwatch but it terms of having it's own totally unique character and appeal, it's in some ways far more interesting. When I'm on the market for a vintage chrono, I'm certainly going to keep an eye out for a watch like this. Credit to summereskimo for a gorgeous picture.


Time for something a little more refined. The Nomos Club is so beautifully simple and classic, it is easily one of the best bang-for-your-buck time only (with date) watches out there. Yet put this on a thin leather NATO and suddenly you've got yourself a killer watch to kick around as well. Nomos offer reasonable sized watches with in-houses movements for such a considerably low price and simple stunning designs. Credit to marekielbasa for the photo.


The more I see of Benrus, from their killer military time-only pieces to this sweet chrono, the less excuses I have not to have one in my collection. This awesome Benrus chronograph with a Valjoux 72 movement from borisparis75 is to die for, especially on that suede strap. This watch just exudes character from every spring and screw inside it. The gorgeous patina on the numerals to the slight off color hands it's one sweet watch. 


What is it about watches with retailer dials that make them a little bit cooler? This Omega De Ville from killervintagewatches was retailed at Turler, a prestigious Swiss jeweller that has been in business for over 133 years. Is any watch with a retailer name stamped on the dial different than those without? The movement, the case, the strap will all be the same but those few extra letters just make the watch community go nuts. Tiffany & Co obviously carries the biggest premium especially on Pateks and vintage Rolexes. If you want to see the pristine case back for this Omega, click right here.