This Week in Time: 13th to 19th August

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The Nomos Club, as seen here by 89vely, is one of the most charming and flat out fun watches I've seen in a long while. It's one of the few Nomos watches that diverges from their usual design motifs with the large arabic numerals and thicker, sportier case. From what I've seen online as well, it appears to be incredibly versatile with strap combos as well, NATOs, cordovan as seen here, canvas, calf, suede, they all look great on the Club. Hopefully I'll be getting a chance to have a Club on my wrist soon because I want to experience this playful German fun for myself. 


The Rolex Explorer II is one of my favorite modern watches. Infact I'd go far as saying it's one of my favorites watches period, vintage or modern. It represents Rolex taking a chance (back in the days when they did that) on a weird watch for a niche market, a watch that was critically panned and unpopular at launch but is one of their classics today. After forty years of spelunking and exploring, the core design is essentially the same and works great on a bracelet or a NATO strap, as seen here on the wrist of myklaberg. Now all I have to decide on is whether I prefer the black or white dial!


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Ah, vintage Heuer military watches. Is there anything better? The Bundeswehr chronographs are some of the most desirable Heuer's around and even in grayscale the design works wonderfully.  The large two registers and the thick arabic numbers create a dial that just screams to be read regardless of lighting conditions and the thick black bezel dominates the case structure. Of course a military watch is perhaps the best choice for a nato strap and on the wrist of tocamatic it looks absolutely great!


What?! Two vintage Heuer Bundeswehrs in one week?! Well the eagle eyed among you have already spotted the different on this watch to the one above, the red 3 H logo at six o'clock. This symbol is short for Hydrogen-3 which is another name for the luminous materials known as tritium. This dial variant is incredible desirable as it adds not only some more history to the watch but also it just looks really cool. Whilst the above watch was on a NATO, Mrmiklange has his Bundeswehr on a leather bund, a fitting choice for a pilot's chronograph. 

Here's some Heuer goodness for your hump day watchfam, have a good one 😎👊🏼

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I remember seeing this watch at Baselworld a few years ago and thinking to myself "How on earth did Omega make me want to get a brown watch!" Not just that but they made me want a brown watch with rose gold accents! The Speedmaster Apollo 11 45th Anniversary, as seen here on the wrist of philterr, is a cracking watch which makes excellent use of relief, depth and color contrast.  It won't be for everyone but for me, it shows that even a design as old as the Speedmaster can throw a curveball every now and again to shock you with something different!


Another military watch this week but this time we've got a time-only Hamilton with broad arrow on the dial. The broad arrow is symbol shows that that item (be it a rifle, a kit bag or a watch) was designated for military use and it's inclusion on a watch is always welcomed. The aging on the dial is perfect with a wonderful patina on all of the hour markers, and rounded case is a nice variation on the traditional military case look. I'm not sure what the strap is made from but whatever it is, evanbluntsnake has got one killer watch on his wrist!

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The GMT-Master Ref. 1675, perhaps one of the most recognisable watches ever made. Whilst non-watch geeks won't know the reference they will undoubtedly recognise the red and blue bezel. This one on the wrist of steiner_maastricht has a great faded bezel and aged markers with hands that show just enough of wear to give character to the way. Like the Bundeswher and Club, this watch can be worn on nearly any kind of strap and this two piece leather straps makes it so much more formal.  For those interested this is for sale so head over to here for more information.