This Week in Time : 12th to 18th December

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Big boy #hsummit

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As I'm sure you were all aware, over the weekend the Hodinkee Collectors Summit 2015 took place and boy did #hsummit light up Instagram for a few days. Mint Daytonas cosying up to Nautiluses (Nautilus's....Nautili?), NOS Heuers next to Speedmaster. Based soley off the Instagram pictures it seemed like a fantastic event and this watch was one making it's rounds throughout the attendees. This Universal Geneve Compax, courtesy of michaelzeff, was one of my favorite pieces on show, not just for an amazingly crisp dial but also for it's amazingly modern size of 46mm. 46mm!! Oh wow! The hands have just got the perfect amount of patina on them and I love the vintage strap that you can just about seeing on either side. 


I've said before that it's only the watch I'm interested in for #ThisWeekinTime but sometimes the framing and photography as well so of course I was gonna use this when I saw it. This stunning photo of a Rolex Submariner Ref. 6538 with jumping ladybird is courtesy of mattsworldpics and boy what a photo it is. I'm not sure what to look at first, the watch or the bug! Browsing through Matt's instagram you can see how much he truly loves watches and uses his skills in photograph to capture them in all their mechanical glory. Excuse me whilst I go find a caterpillar to drape on my Zenith!


That bass clef 😜 #undonemonday #individualitymatters #teamundone

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Each watch is unique to it's owner; how the watch is worn, strap choice, each scratch and ding is special. This customized Undone watch by jazzbass251 is special because of all those things and because of the elements that David wanted added to it. The bass clef at 12 is such a personal touch yet it doesn't look out of place at all on the dial. (Reminds me of when I was in the bass section in Choir at school. Nowadays I'm a tenor. Strange how voices change over time!) I like the subtle different shades of oranges on the hour markers on the dial and bezel with the lighter hands really standing out against them both. 


Last Tuesday was the Christies Speedmaster sale so Instagram was flooded on that very special Speedy Tuesday. This Ref.145.022 belongs to none other than 1025vintage who purchased the watch a few days ago and it's a beauty. This Speedmaster is the same reference as worn by Ed White and seemingly hasn't aged a day since then. A beautiful step dial really makes this watch for me (along with everything else about it to be honest) and congrats have to be given on such a great choice. 


This is a piece that photographs don't do justice as seeing this pocket watch in motion in someone's hands is a sight to behold. This video is from swisswatches and it shows everything in such detail. My favorite part of this pocket watch is the tourbillon that forms a Maltese Cross every fifteen seconds. Imagine the painstakingly large amount of time that has gone into designing this piece is mindboggling. Whilst I think that the dial is perhaps over-designed, the majesty of the movement underneath is on a whole other level.


1971 Bulova 666 diver's chronograph with "ghost" bezel available now @watchsteez

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Looking at the photos from Atom Moore and now Justinvrakas here, I think to myself that I really really need to get myself a macro lens. This reference Bulova diver has been featured before on #ThisWeekinTime but on another wrist and it's great to see it again up close. With the macro lens you can see every detail that a quick glance won't show you: the subtle bend of the chronograph seconds hand, the polishing marks on the hour markers and the vinyl record like grooves on the sub dials. I just love it.


Omega 30 T1 a extremely rare Watch two tone Dial From 1938 . Enjoy !!!

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The cliched phrase of "They don't make 'em like this anymore" is often heard when talking about watches. Whilst it is true in some cases, this two-tone omega from 1938 is certainly one of that isn't made anymore! What a dial. The amazing Art Deco numerals, the combination of the black and grey dial, the wicked hands. This my friends, is an amazing watch. Thanks to josecarlossaldanha for sharing on Instagram!