This Week in Time: 11th to 17th June

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Just because you haven't heard of Tutima doesn't mean that they didn't make great watches. I'll admit that there are plenty of holes in my Tutima knowledge but judging by this fantastic military watch on the wrist of secretsauce604watchesI need to learn more! Now almost eighty years old this beautiful flyback chronograph is still going strong despite its years. The nickel plated case may be showing it's age but it doesn't matter as long as the movement keeps on ticking. 


For a watch that started off with white markings on a black dial, the Omega Speedmaster sure does manage to gain some beautiful colors over time! It's a spry young thing, compared to the above Tutima, at only 50 years young! The black bezel has now morphed into a deep delicious burgundy and the hour markers a bright yellowy green. I'm very very jealous of you T_Swiss_T. Very jealous.

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Oh Nomos. You are so simple yet so beautiful! I'd use the same words to describe the Junghans Meister Calendar even though the watchers couldn't look anymore different! The Orion is especially stunning and I'm digging that suede strap. The Metro Datum, well, let's just say that I'll be experiencing it first hand over the coming weeks. As always a great photo from crudotaco


If anyone asks me why I like mechanical watches, I'm just going to point them to this photo. I mean c'mon, just look at it! It beggars belief to think that this was created before computers and CAD when man made it to the moon with the computing power of a solar powered calculator. Movements like this are a testament to the ingenuity of humanity in spite of all the odd's. wheresmywatch, thanks for inspiration!


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Oh hey Nomos, nice to see you again! Not only does this Tangente fit the wrist of bwatched perfectly but it looks surprisingly good on a military green NATO strap. That's what excellent about good design I guess, it can be put anywhere and still look great! The blued steel hands and printed markers contrast nicely against the green strap. Now all I have to do is work out how someone can contort their wrist to get such a perfect wrist shot!


From simple, elegant German minimalism to this. A giant hulking kaiju of a watch, the Seiko 'Tuna Can'. Look at this thing. It is absolutely hugemongous! I love it though! It's a watch that was built with  a purpose in mind and that purpose was to laugh in the face of whatever tries to damage it. Depth? Not bothered? Sticks and Stones? Who cares? Just don't call it fat, it's big boned! Great shot from readingexcalibur.

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There is nothing quite like a SevenFriday watch. My love of weird cushion shaped cases from the 70s is well documented here on Timepiece Chronicle and whilst I love the TV shaped steel of the SevenFriday, I'm still torn on the dial. If it was just that little bit more legible then I'd be head over heels but something is holding me back. If I ever get my hands on one of these watches then I'll be sure to let you guys know what I think! Great shot here by worththewrist.