26th December 2015 to the 1st January 2016

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This picture from Watchhound7777 is great for a lot of reasons. Firstly I must commend him on managing to balance a watch like that. Secondly the watch itself is really interesting, a Steinhart  Ocean One in Black. It is obviously an homage to the Rolex Submariner with explorer dial and to be quite honest I don't know where I stand on the homage  watch trend. I can understand why some might take it as an afront to the original watch but at the moment I think its a cool watch however! Lastly this was my first Christmas in the states and first time watching a Charlie Brown Christmas so I can understand the reference!


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Let's face facts watch fam, Oris is a great company who make fantastic watches. One of the few Swiss brands to continue to make automatic and manual wind watches during the dark days of the quartz crisis, Oris have managed to knock it out of the part with this heritage diver sixty five. This shot from jmastinef shows up close how awesome this watch is; funky numerals, lollipop second hand and just a fantastic overall design that screams sixties without being outdated. I must say that I prefer this black original to the newer blue. Trends may come and go but black shall always be the new black. 


Can anyone remember the days when watch macro shots weren't the coolest thing around? I can't! This brilliant macro of a S. Smith & Son Ltd. pocket chronograph from pendulumgeek is a brilliant reminder why detail is king. Hailing from 1920 this chronograph has such amazing clarity that it will put almost anything you see in a display case at a retailer today to shame. As with all things, whilst it is fantastic that the majority of the population  today can afford  a little piece of time for their wrist, the days when only the rich could afford it (and therefore make sure it was of amazing quality)  are something to long for. Rory is the Curator of Horology at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich which means that I might have met him a year ago during my Omega Ambassador training. Sorry if I don't remember you Rory! Those cocktails you gave us were blindingly good!


Remember what I said above about watch macros? This is one watch that despite being modern really holds its own against the vintage pieces. Seeing as it is the last #SpeedyTuesday of 2015 I thought it fitting to feature one hell of a Speedmaster courtesy of dserravite. This is the Limited Edition Soyuz Speedmaster with a meteorite dial and boy is it pretty. Meteorite dials are so unique with each grain and fracture being like folds and waves of a fingerprint, no two the same. Through in the two tone look with the subdials and you are onto a winner. More like this in 2016 please!


It's cheap, it's cheerful and it's one of the best watches to come out in recent memory. The Swatch Sistem51, as worn by watch_noob, is such a great watch I'm starting to wonder why I don't own one. The original concept of the Swatch was to revitalize a struggling industry with an affordable Swiss watch and the Sistem51 is a spiritual successor to that ideal by bringing mechanical watchmaking to the masses (and a few major watch nerds as well). I look forward to seeing what their new NFC-able watch, the Bellamy, brings to the table when it is released later this year.


Happy New Year 2016 #watchfam! 🍾🎉 ••• #NYE #NewYear2016 #HappyNewYear #Hi2016

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Is there anything more satisfying in the watch world than catching the date change on your watch. The quiet click as gears turn and wheels move from one day to another. This cool shot from dspodium captures that feeling plus the excitement of one year to another. I hope everyone reading this and across #watchfam had a fantastic New Year and I wish all the best for 2016!


It's the first day of 2016, New Year and New Me and all that crap. It's still the same great watches being featured on This Week in time and this Doxa from eliprice1 is simply gorgeous. Military watches, especially time only, are some of the most timeless (No pun intended) watches were made. Watch cases might have grown slightly in the last fifty years but this classic is just as beautiful I love the patina on the hands that contrasts really well against the deep black dial. More like this in 2016 please!