Photo Gallery: My New (Old) Wittnauer

Here's to my new (old) vintage watch!

I don't buy a lot of watches. Partly because I'm a writer and can't afford them and partly because I don't have a chance to wear my own watches when I have review pieces in. It's always a sad situation to come back to my Zenith, only to look at the date and realize it's been weeks since I wore it. I know how lucky I am to have a near constant supply of luxury watches to wear but sometimes there is nothing better than taking off my 'work' watch, and slipping on something more comfortable. 

So after finding a small amount of cash spare, I decided to just go for it and picked up this Wittnauer off Ebay. At 34mm it's on the small side but the thick bezel and long lugs help it wear just a fraction larger than its measurements. It has a very similar case to my Wife's Wittnauer however that has a beautiful patina'd dial, a slimmer bezel with a more accentuated curve on the lugs (The watch, not my wife). If I were to make an educated guess judging from the case style, bezel thickness the size of the hands and the style of engraving on the caseback I would age my new (old) watch to the mid to late 1950s. 

On the caseback there is an engraving 'Russell C. Thurston". Right now he's a engraved enigma as without a date,  a town or a 'From X' engraving, I really have no way of knowing who he was. I just hope that he wore the watch in good health way back when! The expandable Speidel bracelet is a just a tad too big for me so at some point I may swap it over for a leather strap, but right now I'm liking the feel and look of the bracelet. 

So expect to see more of this watch on my Instagram when I haven't got a review piece in that week. It might have been cheap but the dial catches the light like nobody's business.