Update: More Universal Geneve Tri-Compax References added!

Three more Universal Geneve Tri-Compax References from the 1940's have been added to the Reference Guide

The sheer quantity of Tri-Compax references that Universal Geneve made, even in the 1940's, make my reference guide a real challenge to complete. There is no way that any watch manufacturer today could ever make this many references for a single style of watch and keep the essence and quality of the watch intact. 

The 1940's was truly the golden age, in my opinion, of the Tri-Compax. Whilst the pieces from the 1950's would be technically superior and those from the 1960's grace would grace the wrist of Eric Clapton, I still prefer the graceful elegance of the first decade of production. An age where an 18kt rose gold chronograph wasn't ostentatious but refined.  

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