This Week in Time: 24th to 30th September

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Seiko and Zenith doesn't have the monopoly on hi-beat movements as seen here with boombastic86's vintage Longines Ultra-Chron Hi-Beat from 1969. When it comes to undervalued watches, I think that Longines gets priced at pennies to the dollar every time. Sure the 13ZN fetches tens of thousands at auction but these more 'ordinary' pieces, the ones that you and I can afford fly under the radar compared to similar watches from other brands. Take the opportunity to get a vintage Longines sooner, rather than later!


Not all pilot's chronographs were made by Breitling or IWC you know? This wonderful Benrus Sky Chief (Why can't brands have great names like that anymore?) from kylelwatches is simple, visible and looks damn good on that burgundy strap. It's a classic design executed well and sometimes that's you need. No bells or whistles required. Head over to to see some of the collection that Kyle has for sale. 

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Just because you don't know the name of a watch doesn't mean that you can't enjoy it. I've never heard of Cauny but I can't get enough of those applied gold hour markers in that perfect light and the square pip on the seconds hand. This vintage chronograph looks great on a period style NATO regimental strap and I'm sure is comfortable whilst akajouman practises Ludovico Einaudi. 


If there is one school of design that is equal parts dated and timeless at the same time, it's Bauhaus. The form follows function design philosophy from Germany is seen on watches from JunghansNomosKent Wang and countless others. Here we have two very German watches from charlesnevers yet both choose different aspects of the Bauhaus style. It's impossible to chose between them because they both do it so well!


Wednesday morning reflections.

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Is there any criticism I can make of this watch other than the fact I don't have one? Just look at it! You've got some of the best tear drop lugs that I've ever seen, a moonphase dial that is so vividly blue after all these years and the arabic numerals have got a lovely patina as well. Please know that I'm very very envious of you rackalam. Very envious!


Vulcain might have popularized alarm complication and Jaeger-LeCoultre might have made one of the most iconic alarm watches ever but you shouldn't discount Seiko from the mix. The Bell-Matic has got some great lugs and the hand and hour marker combo is just to die for. What I really like is the inner bezel that sets the alarm is almost invisible if you're not looking for it. alushe909, enjoy your new purchase!


It's not secret that I like wild, seventies cases and the racing dial on this Speedmaster Mark II is the icing on the cake. How can you not love the fact that Omega took the Speedmaster and just went all out on a new case, new dial and color scheme for the Mark II. Whilst the re-edition is one of the coolest chronographs that Omega make today, my money would go towards the vintage one every single time. shoreditchmeantime, hope this one sees some wrist time over the weekend! m