This Week in Time: 30th July to 5th August

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Whilst the Oyster case might be older and defined Rolex case architecture and design more, the Reverso is something that has barely changed since it's inception in the early 1930s. This 1931 with red dial is simply gorgeous and shows that all you need are two hands, twelve markers and a designer who knows what they're doing., I'd personally go with the brown! 


Building a moonphase movement is hard work. Building a slimline moonphase movement is hard work. Building a slime moonphase movement that looks like this is hard work but Frederique Constant managed to do it. It's not an overly complicated movement but it's simple and elegant and I love the contrast the pink rotor has against the steel finish. It's nice to see an open balance as well rather than it being tucked away under bridges like a horological troll. If you want to see what the front looks like on Kidwizzle's watch, click here.


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From an elegant dress watch to a nautical underwater cricket. Don't be fooled into thinking I wasn't aware of the Vulcain Cricket Nautical when I highlighted the dress pieces a few weeks ago! I know you guys love watches but there is a limit to the amount I can write and how much I expect people to read in a single article so the Nautical section was cut. Don't worry though, it'll be back! It might belong to _queuecumber_ but credit goes to dzspodek for the photo!


By now I'll have published my first reference guide to the Universal Tri-Compax, specifically for watches produced between 1944 and 1949. It's not complete by any means and I'll be adding to it constantly but it's a start. Doesn't make me an expert though as I still can't identify these watches by sight as what makes the Tri-Compax so interesting is the sheer variety of dials available. I'd guess the first three digits of the reference are 124 or 125. So andrewandco, am I close?

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Don't ever tell me that Seiko watches can't be beautiful. I might love a good Tuna can and Turtle as much as the next desk diver but this monopusher chronograph from frogman4me is a seriously gorgeous watch. The monochromatic color scheme makes you focus on all the little details that you might have otherwise missed. The repeated teeth pattern on the bezel, the awesome bracelet, the thin dauphine hands. It's gorgeous. Watch brands today, take note of this please. Use color appropriately!


Several years ago on Hodinkee's Talking Watches, Ben Clymer said that the F.P. Journe Chronometre Bleu is one of those watches that unless you know watches, you wouldn't look twice at it. A well done, time-only watch can be mesmerizing in it's simplicity and the Chronometre Bleu has a deep hypnotising blue dial. Denim and trainers, three-piece and Oxfords, this is a watch that will never be out of place. ednemethyou are one lucky man.

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If any of you reading were looking at this watch and thinking you'd like to place an order then I'm sorry, you're out of luck. Just a ten or so days after launching, the Oak & Oscar Sanford GMT in PVD has sold out. The reaction to this watch has huge. It might be because Chase has been jetsetting to every Red Bar gathering this side of the Atlantic every day for the past week but it also might be that we're looking at something really special. To use a tired phrase, this is watch designed by watch geeks for watch geeks. Funnily enough when this watch was released I was doing my own bit of research about Mr. Sandford Fleming but you'll have to wait to find out why.