Let's Talk About Ads

Photo completely unrelated to the topic.

Photo completely unrelated to the topic.

It is the dream of many a writer to turn their passion into a profession and hopefully turn a profit in doing so. Having Timepiece Chronicle support me financially has been my goal from the very beginning and over the last few months I've been gingerly making steps toward that goal. On Sunday afternoon I got confirmation that my Google Adsense account was fully authorized and that live ads would now start appearing on my site if, when and where I chose to place them. 

The last eighteen or so months have seen me gradually evolve the look and feel of Timepiece Chronicle into something I'm very proud of and don't believe for a second that I'm about to ruin this site with banner ads for diet pills and amazing home brew teeth whitening kits. As I type this there are two ads units currently serving on the site, a vertical banner on the sidebar to the right and a horizontal banner on the contact page. For the time being this is where the ads will stay until I can get a better understanding on their impact (both visually and financially) on the site. Every Friday I'll be tweaking and fine tuning where these ads are placed and will be attempting to find that perfect balance between profitable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Using Google Adsense is not a perfect solution and I'll still be actively researching better ways to monetize Timepiece Chronicle in a way that is best for me and you. There are watch brands and related companies (straps, books, other media etc.) that advertise on other blogs and I'll be pursuing opportunities with them soon. All this being said, I want you to know that the goal of Timepiece Chronicle will always be to inform, educate and to entertain you about our shared passion for watches. Selling you something comes a very very distant second. 

Those interested about advertising on Timepiece Chronicle please get in touch by emailing info@timepiecechronicle.com