This Week in Time: 7th to 13th May

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I don't think there is anything more timeless than a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. Whatever the reference, whatever the year of production the Reverso manages to transcend  age to be one of those design that just is. This beautiful example for qtip.416 is shows how effective the execution of a simple design is. 3 hands, 11 numbers and one iconic case shape. 


Apart from my win of a Wittnauer Revue for my wife I haven't had much luck at either Ebay or flea market bargain hunting. I've consigned myself to realising that a Memovox won't be hiding under every corner but I'd be thrilled if I found this haul that lode_roelofs got. Whilst I'm not familiar with Edox, I am very familiar with Zenith and this little ladies piece, complete with original bracelet and crown, is really nice. With the weather starting to stay god, I'm hoping I can drag my wife round endless markets soon. Looking for watches for her of course....

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They don't make em' like they used to.

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It's something that I'm going to be researching soon for TImepiece but linen dials are just so cool right?! especially when it's a gold linen dial ofa Datejust. My pasty white skin has never been able to carry off a gold watch and I'm always envious of those who can just like andygreenlive. Over the last few months I've developed more of an appreciation for the Datejust. There are so many dials, so many individual differences that a model can have. Now excuse me whilst I hit the tanning salon so I can pull off a gold watch. 


From linen dials to meteorite dials, literally worlds apart! The dial of this Scaumburg Watch, posted by twelve2twelve, is made from pieces of the Gibeon meteorite that crashed in Namibia several million years ago. To read up more about meteorite dials, click here. As I say in the article, I prefer meteorite watches that have a complication that connects them to the stars and this unique moonphase certainly does that. The bright circular lume moon is slowly covered by Earth's shadow for that added sense of realism. With the addition of a pointer date hand in the shape of a flying comet then this is truly an interstellar watch.


Well you didn't think that I was going to not post at least one Wittnauer this week? We've seen this watch before, sheldinkee's Wittnauer chronograph with the legendary Valjoux 72 movement inside. Needless to say I'm a fan and whilst my Zenith never quite looked right on a perlon, this Wittnauer sure does. Since I wrote Lost to Time: Wittnauer last year, I've followed the brand closely and it's nice to have seen more and more dealers treating Wittnauer with more respect. Unfortunately that means prices have gone up for any would-be bargain snatches but it can't all be good news.


From elegant chronograph to what is essentially a steel brick that can tell time. This Omega Semaster Professional 600m PloProf from watchknut is one of my favorite dive watches. Whilst Rolex went for a more elegant solution (namely the helium escape valve) to combat the effects of deep sea diving on watches , Omega made one of the most over-designed, over-built and over-sized watches ever. It's madness in steel and I love it to bits. I've only ever seen the modern re-issue in the steel but I'm sure I'll be able to spot this one from across a room without a problem! To read more about the Sea-Dweller and Plo-Prof, click here.

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The Air-King is often thought of as the entry level Rolex but looking at this blue dial stunner it's safe to say there is nothing entry level about it. Currently available at Theo & Harris and photographed by holdenbrant_photo, this Air King might not be as vintage as some of T&Hs other watches but that doesn't mean it isn't as good in every way. I'm a big fan of blue dialed watches and the way the light shimmers off this Rolex is really really cool.  Go on, you know you want to.