This Week in Time: 28th May to 3rd June


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Yet another great watch here from kidwizzle, this time a fantastic military Bulova with one hell of a crown. As I've found out with my recent Bertmar purchase , finding good quality and interesting 16mm straps can be a real pain in the arse. The great thing about military issued watches is that the design always looks good on any strap and this light brown leather looks great. There is a great contrast on this watch between the slightly decorative catherdral hands and the stark high contrast military dial. Love it!


This near perfect Seiko chronograph with rare pulsation scale is from hubcityvintage and it is a looker! I wrote about different scales at great length here and the pulsation scale is one of the more charming and useful, especially for doctors. Usually reserved for dress pieces, it's interesting to see one here on a sports chronograph! Hub City Vintage have a great selection of vintage Seikos currently available including several with the Japanese 'Kanji' day wheels for those wanting something a little exotic on their wrists. 


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For someone calling themselves speedmasteraddict it's funny to see them underwater, sans Speedmaster. But when it's a watch as good looking as the Longines Legend Diver then I suppose it's ok ;) . Perhaps the best bang for your buck in the current Longines range, the Legend Diver is an incredibly faithful re-issue of their classic Super-Compressor diver from the 1960s. As with the above Bulova, it works on any strap including this light tan pull through, perfect for fitting over a wetsuit!


This Tuesday marked the last day of Stephen Urquhart's role as President of Omega. He was able to shape Omega into the company it is today and his presence will surely be missed. At Baselworld two years ago I was sat at the Omega bar, surrounded by various journalists and managers when I turned around only to see Mr. Urquhart behind me. rjkama, double wristing it like a pro, had a much more personal encounter with him. "These cufflinks were a gift from him, something he took from his own shirt and handed to me as gesture of friendship. As big as his legend may grow to become, he is also a genuinely great man, and a true inspiration"

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It's funny how a few decades can completely change the look of a company (If that company isn't Patek or Rolex). This gorgeous Ulysse Nardin on the wrist of heuerbot could not be further apart from the borderline insane Ulysse Nardin Sharkhunter I wrote  about earlier this week. This has a crisp, well-designed dial and a really amazing bracelet. The other one had a load of sharks on it....


I've said it before and I'll say it time after time again, the only thing that matters is quality, not branding. Bertmar was the house watch brand of People's Jewellers in Canada and now I know at least one other person who owns one, watchman67. His Bertmar has a gorgeous tonneau case with some great Art Deco details like the sub seconds dial. What I found out recently was that Bertmar was named after the sons of the People's Jewellers founder, Bert(rand) and Mar(vin). 


Heute hat meine Uhr ein graues Gewand bekommen. #Bonn #Junghans #maxbill #Watch

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Three hands, a date window and some hour markers. These are the elements of a modern watch and the Junghans Max Bill, as seen on fuchsauflauer, is the perfect example of simple design from these three elements. (You can see the influence of Max Bill in Junghans Meister collection today). Everything is in perfect proportion. Everything just works. Throw in a killer grey suede strap then you're in for a winner.