This Week in Time: 30th April to 6th May

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Tri Compax Saturday (I know, it's not a thing... Yet 😉)

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I'm going to say it. The Universal Geneve Tri-Compax is my grail watch. I love it. It's not the most expensive watch out there and it's not overly rare but my god I think it's beautiful. This example from galaticsushiman is showing some signs of age but after half a century I think that's acceptable. I genuinely am going to start saving for one of these because I've had enough of looking at pictures. I want it on my wrist! 


The benefit of liking watches in the 21st Century is that if you want a particular style, you can find it. Whether it be from a huge multi-national brand or a microbrand run out of a small office, you'll be able to find it. This Obris Morgan on the wrist of alushe909 is one of those microbrands and is based out of Hong Kong. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of microbrands currently out there so if you don't like the look of the Obris Morgan (Oh-bris? Ob-ris?) then don't fret. Just keep looking and you'll find something eventually!~


The Seiko SKX009 is a weird looking watch. The crown is seemingly dropping off the side of the case, the minute hands is this weird arrow shape and it's chunky as all hell but it's loved because of these quirks and I wish I had one. It's something that you can throw on without worrying if it gets beats up and after three years of a dress watch I'm itching for something like this. Rubber strap, NATO, one-piece, standard leather, this watch can wear it all. Kudos to aidenire for the great picture.


I know I just said that I want a tool watch that I can throw around (and earlier I wanted another dress chronograph) but can I have this one as well please? Pretty please? There is something so stunningly beautiful about the simplicity of blue steeled stick hands as seen here on this Zenith from watchinghonestly .  The simplicity f the hands is matched by the elegant thin lugs that frame the watch beautifully. 

⚡️#Zenith cal 156d with #bluesteel ✏️ 🙌🏻

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It's hard to forget a username like wigglywigglyworm and I'm sure that I've featured one of his watches before (Maybe this Wittnauer?) on This week in Time but today it's this vibrant Darwil diver which is the favorite. Color is the name of the game with this watch with with a wonderfully seventies style repeating pattern of red and blue on the dial. Also I like how the designer of the watch decided to lump all of central Europe into one category to save space on the dial. 


I know that the focus in this photo for cheapestnatostraps will be their own nato strap but for me it's this awesome chronograph. Needless to say I've never heard of Vratislavia watches before and up until googling their name I thought this was a watch from the seventies. This is actually the Polish brands Conceptum Heritage Chrono and I'm digging it in every way. It's very reminiscent of the Anakin Skywalker Seamaster chrono except this time with orange 'lightsaber' second hand rather than blue. (Turns out that the above Seiko is actually fitted with one of cheapestnatostraps straps!)


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To a non-watch fan, this Bulova and the above Seiko would look very similar as both look 'sporty' and have red/blue bezels. What they won't notice is that this is an Accutron so will have Bulova's patented tuning fork movement on the inside.  They won't notice the pleasing dial symmetry and wonderfully proportioned hands.  Dive watches aren't usually considered elegant but I really think this is one smooth timepiece. Throw it on a smart leather or crocodile strap and you've got yourself on killer looking watch. I'm very jealous of you frogman4me, very jealous.