This Week in Time: 23rd to 29th April

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Saint Lucia bound to get hitched to Mrs. PracticalWatch☀️

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After having been worn in space by Colonel William Pogue which people led to believe it was near indestructible, it's nice to see a Seiko 6139 that is in great condition. The bright yellow dial hasn't faded at all and the unique tachymeter bezel is still as striking as ever. What surprises me about the 'Pogue' is just how versatile it is. It has three different bracelet options and looks even better on a leather NATO as seen on the wrist of practicalwatch. Congrats on tying the knot in sunny St. Lucia! 


Longines sure did know how to make them back in the day didn't they! This phenomenal stainless steel chronograph from 1942 not only has a stepped  case with telemeter and tachymeter scale but also has the legendary 13ZN Flyback movement on the inside. It's unbelievable that over seventy years later this piece still looks amazing. Just like the Seiko above, I can see this watch working on an alligator strap, a canvas, a leather NATO, absolutely everything! Very jealous of faridvintage.

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Who said that women's watches had to be covered in diamonds and bling? Infact who said that women's watches have to be women's watches at all? Most Rolex sport watches are the perfect size for both genders (my old manager used to swap between a men's Oris diver and a friend's Rolex Submariner seemingly every other day) as shown here by herescapement wearing the Rolex GMT-Master II Black/Blue aka. the Batman/Batgirl. I've grown to appreciate the smaller sizes of Rolex watches and it's great that everyone gets to enjoy them, no matter intended gender.


Oh man. This is nonsense. Complete madness. And I love every millimeter of it. This Zodiac Seawolf on the wrist of wristhotnotmatterwhat is absolutely killer. You've got a bright grey bezel, contrasting orange numbers next to an orange minute track, orange minute hand with orange surrounds on the hour markers. It's pure seventies indulgence in wristwatch form, nothing is too much, everything is possible! I'm heading off to the beach today and this is the kind of thing I need on my wrist. Guess I'll be stopping at every Goodwill on the way to try my luck!

I simply cannot stop wearing this one, such an #orange blast 🍊

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Another brand lost to time... #tefor #redbarmsp

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Across the expansive landscape of Instagram I heard three words which drew me to this watch. Lost to Time! It seems as if Jason Heaton uploaded this specifically for me; a beautiful chronograph with an interesting dial from a brand that no longer exists. All this needs was a token Wittnauer in the background and it would have been perfect! I love the art deco Arabic Numerals that are a nice change from what you'd usually see on a chronograph like this. I can't say I know much about Tefor but it's gone on the long list of brands that one day I'll get round to learning about! Also go listen to The Grey Nato podcast which is hosted by Jason and Jess Stacey. Watches, adventuring, gear, it's got it all. 


The Bulova Accutron really just has it all doesn't it? This World Timer Deep Sea especially from nywatchguy. A design clear enough to be read whilst underwater but a complication that will be useful in each of the seven seas. I'm not patriotic in the slightest but it's nice to see Greenwich have it's special orange highlight on the rotating city bezel (Somewhere on my computer is a picture of me on the Meridian Line at the Observatory during an Omega training). Each of my picks this week have seemed to be in immaculate condition and this Bulova is perhaps one of the best. No scratches, no ding, just a wonderful case and a prestien dial!


Not to copy what I said above but boy, Longines sure did know how to make a watch or two back in the good ol' days didn't they? This stunning piece is from olliebrewer and whilst 35mm might be pushing it on the small side for me, my wife saw this and fell in love. THe dial has just enough patina to show it's age gracefully and those blue hands are looking better than ever. From the looks of things as well those lugs look pretty killer! For those wanting this but new, why not try the Nomos Tangente Neomatik!