This Week in Time: 9th to 15th April

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Just wow. This photo shows every single member of the Enicar "Graph" series, each one belonging to aaroncynthia. Sherpa, Aqua Jet and the very rare Super Graph all in one place. It was Aaron's Jet graph that first introduced me to Enicar, another brand unfortunately Lost to Time now with it's name bought out by Chinese investors. These watche here represent the best days of Enicar. So take a deep breath and soak them all in. 


Sometimes you just have to sit back and admire something you know nothing about. This is a Cabestan winch tourbillon, where the winding tool is hidden in the clasp of the watch. I don't know anything abotu abestan but I know that it looks utterly bonkers and for that alone it has my approval. A wonderfully weird combination of steampunk and luxury. Thanks to jorge_cabestan for the video. 


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I picked the oakandoscar Burnham today for two reasons. Firstly because why not, it's a gorgeous watch and secondly as last week Chase sold the final Burnham from the first run. Whilst the memory of our first meeting nearly two years ago is slowly fading into memory I can still remember the excitement in his voice when showing us a 3D printed mock-up of the Burnham design. Over the last 18 months Chase has certainly lived up to Burnham's words "Make no little plans, they have no magic to stir men's blood". Congrats Chase, here's to the next batch!


As soon as I saw this I knew what I was picking for today's watch. It's one of those win-win-win situations for me, a vintage Wittnauer from the seventies that looks almost completely untouched. This Wittnauer Transistorized from timepiecing is just really really cool and I'm loving those red accents all around the watch. I covered electronic movements (very different from quartz) way back last year as one of my first 'big' article so seeing one again is really neat. If you want to see the inside of a Transistorized check out this video. 

Feeling transistorized. 💥⚡️😲⚡️💥#womw

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So much awesome on this dial.

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What is it that makes lollipop hands so popular? I'm fully onboard with it but I'm genuinely curious. I suppose it's combination of rarity and unique design as seen here on a Precision chronograph from 1354mph. You certainly can't say that vintage watches didn't like to throw a bit of color onto the dial with that orange lollipop clashing wonderfully with the red and blue 10 minute counter on the subdial.Click here to see the full watch. 


If the last watch was a giant lollipop then this Rolex chronograph from wbhollow is more like a sophisticated glass of sorbet. I can't even imagine what it's like to not only see one of these in the steel but also have an approximately $200-400K watch on your wrist. When people talk about the difference between Rolex now and and Rolex then, it's pieces like this that truly seal that deal for me. Perfectly proportioned, functional yet elegant. I need a couple more zeroes in the piggy bank to afford it but a man can dream. 

One from @phillipswatches yesterday. (Or, an estimated 200-400k on the wrist.)

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Universal ❤️. #womw #universalgeneve #ug #tricompax #vintagewatch #hodinkee #hodinkeeshop #watchfam #chrobar

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It feels like an absolute age since I last featured a Tri-Compax on This Week in Time and it's well over a year since I first saw one and fell in love. This universal from yannick_chrobar is exactly the reference I want with the perfect style hands and numbers that I like. Out of all the watches I've seen over the past year it is the Tri-Compax that still represents some of the greatest value in vintage watches in my mind. This is what I'm looking for when I drag my wife to charity shops and goodwills. Still nothing yet but I'm holding out.