Photo Gallery: Vintage Wittnauer Revue

My love for vintage Wittnauer is well documented here on Timepiece Chronicle. Whilst today they lurk in cheap plastic cabinets at Drug Stores and bargain bins, the Wittnauer of yesteryear made some truly amazing watches that graced the wrists of adventures, movie stars and astronauts. So when I stumbled across this Wittnauer Revue on Ebay with seven days remaining, currently at $0.99, it peaked my interest. Looking through Ebay for quality watches is an experiment in patience and endurance; you have to wade through dozens "RARE ONE OF A KIND INVICTA QUARTZ CHRONOGRAPH ONE TIME LIMITED OFFER RARE SUPER RARE" lots that persist no matter how many filters you activate and then through some quite bland vintage pieces until you finally find some gold.

When it came to the final minutes of the bid I was pumped to win this. At 33mm it is slightly too small for my tastes but I knew my wife would love it so I had double incentive to make sure I was the one walking out with the winning bid. At the closing moments of the auction I managed to win the watch for $36 on the watch. It's hardly the largest amount of money spent on a vintage Wittnauer but I firmly believe it's worth every single cent and a whole lot more. I'm sure many of you reading have had this same feeling which shows that price is merely an individual gateway to entry, not determinate of the quality past it. To me it was below $50 but to someone else it could be $500 or $5000.  A few days later the Wittnauer turned up on my doorstep and it was just as gorgeous as it looked on screen and after quick visit to the local jewelers for a fetching grey/green ostrich strap it was ready to present.

The dial has obviously aged over the last half century with the right hand side faded away to where the minute track, hour markers and 'uer' of Wittnauer have all disappeared but the patina is so delicious I don't mind at all. The hands and crown are all original and thankfully those wonderful curved lugs have never seen a polishing wheel so despite a few dings the lines are as crisp as ever. Opening the caseback reveals a gorgeous movement that just has a few spots of grime and age which so far hasn't affected the time keeping at all.  Eventually I will look to service the watch but as it's working fine now that isn't a priority. That dial is staying just how it is though and no watchmaker is going to convince me otherwise.