Breaking News: Baselworld is still open!

In a shocking press release early this morning, Baselworld spokesmen said that the event is scheduled to continue for another six weeks however after all major publications left after a week, everyone just assumed it was ending.

"Everything was going very smoothly" said Joan Calbert, 37 "but once A Blog to Watch, Hodinkee and the Red Bar Crew all packed their bags and left after the first week we've seen a huge downturn in footfall. Now hundreds of thousands of watch fans are missing out."

This marks quite the opposite turn of events that we saw at SIHH earlier this year. The smaller, Richemont and friends focused show was only meant to last just two days but had to be extended for a month because of retailers and journalist refusing to leave. "Free food, free drink, watches as far as the eye can see, why would I ever leave?" tweeted one inebriated collector with an attached picture of a Urwerk Geneve balanced between two magnums of Champagne. 

The wind now whistles gently through the corridors of Baselworld with tumbleweed now taking the place of where collectors and journalists should be. Rumor has it that Omega and Rolex put down their press packs to stage an impromptu game of footfall down the central avenue which ended in disaster when a hapless watchmaker kicked the ball into the Breitling aquarium causing several tonnes of water to spill onto the floor. This disrupted the Breitling Marketing team's weightlifting competition to see who could bench press the most Baselworld press packs.