RESULTS: Watches of Knightsbridge March 19th auction

Lot 5 - A Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Striking Time

Sold - 35,000 GBP. Is it any surprise that this A.Lange & Söhne sold ? Not in the slightest. I've learnt over the last year or so that nothing is a given at auction and I've certainly highlighted several lots before that I thought were sure things and weren't but this Striking time wasn't leaving alone on Saturday. The all mechanical digital display might be unconventional but it is executed perfectly here. 

Lot 54- Chopard with Arabic dial

Sold - 3,500 GBP. I'm honestly a little surprised that this Chopard sold as the niche appeal of a dial with a section of the Quran certainly limits the potential market for this piece. This is a watch blog and I don't delve into politics or current affairs for a reason however given the anti-Islamic sentiment that is so prevalent today, especially after recent horrific attacks of terror, I do find some small comfort in knowing that there is one person who appreciated the beautiful script on the dial and the Chopard manual wind movement underneath it.

Lot 95 - Wittnauer Chronograph

Sold - 1,200 GBP. It's times like these that I wish I had chosen a more lucrative profession than writing and that I also had 1,201 pounds spare so I could have nabbed this watch. If this had Longines or Omega on the dial you would expect to see another zero at the end of the closing bid because this Lollipop chronograph is a real stunner. Since writing about Wittnauer last year I've become very attached to the brand and recently a reader contacted me asking to help her research her inherited piece so keep an eye for that in the coming weeks!

Lot 193 - Omega Seamaster 120

Sold - 1,300 GBP. My non-watch friends sometimes ask me about how to get into watches, both modern and vintage, how much should they be paying or what they should be wearing. The last one is the easiest as it's simply wear whatever you want. As for how much to pay and for what? I'd show them this watch as a great starting point. I  haven't got 1,300 quid laying around but if I did then I would have picked up this great watch as  I love all the odd seventies quirks about the Omega: the jedi second hand, the hour markers and  the case which to me makes it a great lot. 

Lot 281 - Rolex Submariner Limited Edition

Unsold - And I was doing so well with all my other choices being sold wasn't I? Bidding on a Submariner barely out of it's warranty is a tricky situation as you have to weigh the opportunity of getting an essentially new watch at a better price against the simplicity of simply buying a new watch. Personally I thought the novelty of a limited edition Submariner with that cool case engraving was pretty neat however no-one in the room agreed with me. 

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