This Week in Time: 19th to 25th March

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The #habring2 #jumpingseconds is #womw today.

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There is something to be said for minimalist design and this Habring 2 Jumping Seconds from apar1109 is as clean a dial as you're ever likely to see. The railroad minute track around the outside of the dial is just wonderful and I love the twist on the Breguet numerals. I will say as I've never seen a Jumping Seconds in the steel, I'm still of two minds about it. Technically speaking of course it's a success and an achievement but on a baser level, there is something in me that just prefers the slightly less accurate sweeping seconds. If I ever get a chance to see a Habring Jumping Seconds in real life, I'll let you all know whether I change my mind. 


If there is onn thing I love, it's world timers. Whilst my Zenith Dual Time, as the name would suggest, is only a dual time GMT and not a full world timer it reminds me of the all-knowing capabilities of a world timer. In his early Talking Watches interview John Mayer said that at one point the GMT was the world's greatest app and I think he sells the world timer short. Sure if you have a map handy and a watch you can work out the time in another country yourself but the watchmaking achievement of a world timer is just plain cool to me. Thanks to ian_cognito for this pic of his Frederique Constant. 

#SundayWatchReWIND to waiting for meetings to end on an #FCthursday ⌛📲

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Me, myself and I

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If you look at the watches I usually write about, you'd think that I'd loathe the big boisterous Breitling Blackbird on the wrist of dario_jans. But I don't. I think it's really really cool and during my time in retail in the US, it became one of my favorite Breitling pieces. The eggshell color of the lume is just gorgeous and plays really well against the dial and I think the military style strap offers a great alternative to a NATO. I'm hoping to feature this on A Moment in Time sometime in the future so keep an eye out watch fam!


What else was I going to pick? It's almost as if sheldinkee specifically  picked out all that I love about vintage watches; Wittnauer, check! Crazy seventies case, check! Crazy seventies dial, check! What's even better is that it's currently for sale as well so make sure if you're interested to shoot him a message. The vertical day-date with roulette coloring, the zig-zag blue and white minute track, those weird tri-rectangular hour markers that I keep seeing that I really should coin a term for! I think i'm in love.

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When you think of mint condition, you should be thinking about this Omega 'Pie Pan' Constellation from onthedial. Despite it being very close to retirement age, you could have told me this was a reissue and I would have believed you. When the light hits the dial the right way you can see all the angles that make this watch so great and that serve as wonderful inspiration for the Globemaster. I especially like the beads of rice bracelet as well. And the lugs. And the applied logo.


You could be mistaken for quickly scrolling through and mistaking this IWC Ingenieur Ref. 666 from andrewandco for the above Omega Pie Pan. Both have similar bracelets and the IWC has that slight raise to the center of the dial but each is great in their own way. The full flowing script of International Watch Co and the wicked cool Ingenieur logo are so stylish. They say the IWC of today can't beat the IWC of yesteryear and with pieces like this, I can see why it would be an uphill battle!

#IWC #ingenieur #ref666 #cal8531 💯

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Aside from how skeevy the term "skin diver" now feels, this is one amazing watch and a cool vintage ad to go with it. This Universal Geneve Polerouter Sub is an amazing combination of Genta cool with purposeful design. The font on 12, 6 & 9 is just so funky and the date window is designed so perfectly to still accommodate perfect symmetry. Having the vintage advert to accompany the watch is really neat especially when both are in such great condition. Bazamu, I'm very very jealous.