This Week in Time: 12th to 18th March

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Gallet MultiChron 12 with the EP 40. Hitting soon

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Damn, Gallet sure knew how to make a watch or two fifty years or so ago didn't they? This gorgeous Gallet MultiChron 12 is from thatwatch_guy and will be available to purchase from pretty soon. As I learnt when researching my Lost to Time: Gallet article, the Multichron was Gallet's bread and butter in terms of chronographs and this one is no exception. Classic design with easily distinguishable tachymeter in blue and telemeter in red.  The 'EP' stands for Excelsior Park which were a movement manufacturer similar to Valjoux in respects to supplying a lot of the industry with movements. I'll be keeping an eye out on this one when it goes live. 


They sure don't make them like this anymore do they? This early Omega Chronometre from bernehorlogy is a great example of just how much watch design has changed in the last century. Undoubtedly this would have been considered a large men's watch at some point but now it's so small and petite it would look more fitting on a child. There are no frills, no bells or whistles, just a solid design that allows the watch to do what it was meant to do. I really like the interesting hooded lugs design on this watch as it reinforces the square design rather than tr and distract us with fancy lugs. 


At SIHH earlier in the year De Bethune revealed their newest novelty the World Traveller as seen here on the wrist of lifeofyoni. The World Traveller uses a small sphere which rotates around the inner channel of the dial to show twenty-four hour time against an inner dial of cities which can be changed as per your location. The date is shown on the bronze colored outside ring by a discrete pointer. Seeing a non-press photo of this watch is really lovely as you can see the detail in the engraving and depth of the channel perfectly. Is it at all practical? Errrrr kind of? Does that matter? Not in the slightest. 


Just like last week and the week before, I'm put in a position where I think a watch looks great but I don't know the first thing about it. First it was a gorgeous Wakmann triple calendar and now it is this Glycine Airman Special from bspargo11. Form following function is the name of the design game here with an unusual twenty four dial, large lume pips faded to a dull brown and the ever popular lollipop seconds hand. I'm sure it would take some take to adjust to the twenty four hour dial but after that you're set for intercontinental travel! Also first time I've seen a bright blue (suede?) strap on a watch and boy does it look good! 

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I'll try and keep the Basel wrist shots down to a minimum but c'mon, what else was I going to pick today? Rolex had been teasing us on Instagram for a few days with photos of the original Daytona and then today dropped this, the new Daytona with black cerachrom bezel currently on the wrist of jestacey. As someone who has never liked the stainless steel bezel on the now old Daytona, this breathes new life into one of the most recognizable chronographs ever made. Also if you aren't listening to James' podcast The Grey Nato which he co-hosts with Jason Heaton then you really need to get on that pronto. Watches, adventuring, diving and more are all covered on there without pretension or pomp. Just two guys talking about what they love. 


I know I'm constantly talking about functionality, practicality and all other words which all mean "Can i wear and use this watch?" but sometimes I'll let art be for arts sake. This Chopard Imperiale Joaillerie from todayonthewrist costs €600,000 and is as beautiful as it is utterly impractical. I've seen the rainbow effect on a Daytona bezel before and thought it was a gimmick and after now having seen an entire watch decked out in hundreds of gemstones I'm still not sure it isn't. However to give credit where credit is due, the effect is magnificent here and I can only imagine how much more vibrant this watch is in the flesh/gold/gemstones.


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At this point I feel like I'm the last kid to be picked for the sports team because I'm starting to feel left out for not having a vintage sports watch that will look awesome on a NATO. Yes I love my Zenith Dualtime more than words can say but now and again I get the urge to ditch that refined uptown girl and go looking for a real downtown gal who'll can drrink with the best down at the bad side of town. This Croton chronograph from averagewatch is just the kind of thing I'm looking for; it's sporty, it's a chrono, it's colorful and it will look awesome on a NATO. Now if those other people bidding on my ebay lots would understand that I could end up a happy man!