This Week in Time: 27th February to 4th March

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I don't know about you, but I rarely associate hot pink with Rolex. There one instance where the two go together perfectly is when a GMT-Master red/blue has faded to a pink/blue. This eye-catching GMT-Master is from vincent.65 and it's simply awesome. The bezel might be faded and scratched and worn to within an inch of it's life but the dial is perfectly crisp. The bright pink gives the watch so much character, so much life that it's hard to draw your eyes away.  


When I talk to my non-watch friends about watches, I always try and stress one important point: I don't care how much your watch costs and the only thing that matters is whether you like it. Does this mean I wouldn't jump at the chance to own a Patek Philippe? Of course not but one Patek that I kinda sorta like is worth far less than a old quartz watch that I love. As Sheldinkee says about his Citizen " Is there more to collecting than mechanical movements and obscene pricing? I think it's better to find things that appeal to you on a personal level. Regardless of notoriety".  

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Big ol' case, funky hands, a whale on the dial?! This is a really sweet Bulova currently on the wrist of alushe909. Something I love about watches from the seventies is that they were not afraid to experiment with different cases, hands or hour markers. I mean, what are those hour markers? Weird geometric tri-color wedges? The sea blue dial is restrained but throw in that bright orange second hand and a whale and you've got an killer watch. That Nato strap isn't half bad either!


We talk about once in a lifetime moments a lot in the watch world. Sales of the only watch by X left in the world, the last chance to buy Y before it's discontinued. This picture however truly represents the once in a lifetime opportunity to work alongside one of the few remaining watchmakers in Great Britain, Roger W Smith. It's not just that Roger Smith was the apprentice of George Daniels, easily the best watchmaker in the 20th Century but you'll be helping to create something that is truly exceptional and individual. 99% of people reading this won't have the necessary skills to apply but for those lucky 1% this could the first step into the pages of watchmaking history. 


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Last year's release of the Omega Globemaster was a real milestone for the brand as it was the first watch to be rated Master Chronometer under their new rating system. Taking inspiration from the Constellations of the fifties that, when first released in America, were called Globemasters, it truly is a special watch. This week Omega announced another big milestone, their first annual calendar with a METAS certification and this is what we have here today from rjkama. The angular sections of the pie pan dial are perfect for displaying the months script. Would I eventually like to see Omega release a De Ville or Constellation that looks like the Cosmic? Absolutely but for now this is a step in the right direction. 


This ain't your grandpa's Seamaster kid! Or actually it might be seeing as it's from 1969. The short lugs, the curved case and that wicked two tone dial scream sixties whilst the bracelet is almost identical to the one on the current Seamaster 300!. This is why I think Omega trumps Rolex in terms of sheer variety of watches, you could learn 1000 references and then still be dumbfounded with a brand new one. Does this mean there were a few duds? Absolutely but at least they took a risk! This wicked Seamaster Cosmic is from akirson

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Sometimes finding the right words to express how you feel about a watch is hard and other than just saying it's drop dead gorgeous, I'm at a loss with this Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso from stefman72 that was announced earlier this year at SIHH. I don't think I've ever seen a day/night cycle displayed that way, that dial engraving is just out of this world and whilst I'm not a yellow gold man, this watch totally rocks out in yellow gold. A Reverso was the first watch that my Wife really fell in love with and as soon as blogging starts turning a profit, I'll be right down to my local dealer (Local being 500 miles away) and picking her up one. Or if anyone in the watchfam has a spare that they would consider giving away as an act of charity, shoot me an email ;) .