Photo Report: The WatchBuys Roadshow

From the familiar sights of Sinn & Nomos to the handcrafted pieces of Dornbluth & Sohn, Watchbuys has it all

Watchbuys is a North Carolina based watch retailer that specialises in mechanical German watches. For an hour on Saturday, I was lucky enough to get some hands-on time with a huge selection of watches from their inventory. Whilst brands like Sinn, Nomos and Hanhart were familiar to me, it was the independent brands that truly took my breath away. I won't pretend to have heard of Dornbluth & Sohn before Saturday but after seeing his work, it is a name I won't forget anytime soon. 

There were other guests in attendance so I chose not to bring my DSLR and instead took all these photos with my phone.  Because of this I couldn't guarantee a perfectly focused picture which is why there are only a handful shown here out of the 80 or more on display.

So sit back, grab some strudel and check out some of fantastic German watches. 

D. Dornbluth & Sohn






Jaeger & Bazinger




Stefan Kudoke