Editors Choice: My Favorite Watch of the Year, The Bremont MBII-WH

With 2016 retreating into distant memory, I'm looking back on the year and highlighting some of the best content on Timepiece Chronicle. 

This year I reviewed 14 watches. The Bremont MBII-WH was the best.

What constitutes a good watch is a matter of opinion. Some buyers value accuracy above all things, others the design and some just want the best bang for their buck. I favor a watch that doesn't attempt to be all things, but rather goes all in on a particular style. That's why I love vintage watches like the  Doxa Sub 300T and that is why I loved the Bremont MBII-WH. 

My time with the watch wasn't perfect but I loved it anyway. I barely used the rotating inner bezel and I desperately wanted a NATO or rubber strap instead of the leather, but these were minor qualms that couldn't ruin a fantastic time with the watch. During a brief holiday in Colorado, the Bremont kept up with trekking, hiking and fishing more reliably than I could. It never lost a second (It is chronometer rated after all) during my two weeks with it and I was very, very sad to see it go. 

If I haven't convinced you of why this is my favorite watch of the year, make sure to read the full review here