Welcome to the New Timepiece Chronicle

New Site and New Logo, Same Great Watches

Two years ago today I wrote my first article on Timepiece Chronicle and I never would have believed that I'd be where I was today. I've been lucky enough to make writing my full-time job and being able to write about my passion of watches has been a truly life changing experience, an experience for which I will be forever grateful to the readers of this site for making possible. 

For the two year anniversary I wanted to give the Timepiece Chronicle a facelift and with the help of a few friends I've been able to do just that. The old logo served me well for two years, I'd like to thank my friend Ryan for designing it and for accepting a drop-leaf table as payment when I was broke, but it was time for a change. I reached out to Lee Yuen-Rapati, better known as One Hour Watch on Instagram to help design the new icon and wordmark for the site. 

Tissot Antimagnetique poster.jpg

I've loved this Tissot logo from the 1930s for such a long time and knew the someday I had to include that elongated T into Timepiece somehow or another. As someone who can just about manage drawing a stickman, I'm forever indebted to Lee for his talents and patience when dealing with someone as artistically compromised as myself.

Better site design for desktop and mobile

Unless you're a web designer then designing a website is not a fun process, even when you cheat and use Squarespace like I do, so changing the design of Timepiece Chronicle has been a long time coming. This new design will load faster for mobile and desktop sites, has significantly better navigation for mobile and finding older articles about your favorite brands is now easier than ever (Read as, is now possible). 

Long time readers of the site will have noticed the lack of circular images over the past month or two, a once signature style of Timepiece Chronicle. A part of me misses them but there is a reason that the 3:2 ration has stuck around since the invention of 35mm, it just looks better than a circular image. It saves me time not including them and it means a better visual experience for you so really there was no other choice than to ditch them.

You might notice that adverts on the sidebar and on certain sections of the site has disappeared as well. Whilst I'm not opposed to having advertising on Timepiece Chronicle, I would rather have relevant adverts for the watch community rather than what Google Ads thinks you or I want to see. I'm in the process of putting together a media kit which hopefully will allow me to secure advertisements from companies who want to market to watch people; be it watch brands, straps, accessories or books. If you're someone who runs such a company and would like to advertise on Timepiece Chronicle, do get in touch at info@timepiecechronicle.com.

Speaking of advertising, this leads very nicely onto...

Timepiece Chronicle's Editorial Policy

What started as an incredibly vague two hundred word 'Declaration of Principles' two years ago is now the new Editorial Policy which will govern the content written on Timepiece Chronicle, you can find it here or in the footer on every page and I truly encourage you to read it.

It's not a particularly sexy read but I want you to know how seriously I take writing about watches.  It talks about how I will conduct reviews of watches and related products, how I'll report from industry events, disclosure and of course, how advertising will feature on the site. 

If you ever feel that I've gone against the policy then please email me at info@timepiecechronicle.com or leave a comment on the relevant article. As someone who has written about the potential ethical quandaries of other sites before, it would be a grave error to ignore on my part to ignore my own guidelines and ignore my readers.

Plans for the Future

Needless to say that I have big plans for this site over the next year but primarily I want more of the same; more great watches, articles, news and interviews for you to read.

Something new that I'll be trying is more true long form articles on topics that I don't see being written about in the watch media; topics that might take many months to research but the quality of writing and information contained within the article should be worth it. 

As the site grows I hope to eventually include video but seeing as I have no experience in shooting or editing video, that one might take a while. However a lack of experience in writing never stopped me from starting out this site so who knows!? 

If you have an article that you've written, or are looking to write, and would like to see it posted on Timepiece Chronicle then please let me know as having more voices and perspectives on the site would be fantastic.

Thank You

Without all of you out there reading and clicking all the articles I write, this venture would never have been possible so I'd like to take a minute to thank you for taking the time  to visit Timepiece Chronicle. Truly, thank you to each and every one of you. Thanks for sticking with me so far and I look forward to seeing you next year.