Around the World In Sixty Minutes: One Hour Watch's take on the World Timer


Ever wondered what a Worldtimer designed in one hour looks like? 

Whilst I was writing my article about the history of the worldtimer complication, I emailed Lee aka OneHourWatch (whom you may remember from when I talked to him about watch design a few months ago) with a challenge. I wanted to see if he could design a worldtimer in his usual sixty minute time constraint.  The picture above is what he came up with.

What he designed is a great alternative design to the usual Cottier worldtimer. Instead of two crowns, one controlling the hands and the other the city dial, Lee imagined a worldtimer controlled by a pusher. Instead of a normal 12 hour dial, Lee imagined a full twenty hour dial in the vein of a Glycine Airman. 

What I love about Lee's designs is that they aren't limited to what movement exists in the world or not. The purity of the design remains without being limited by any horological limitations. A giant moonphase that takes up nearly a quarter of the dial? No Problem. A spherical case made from crystal? Why Not. Everything is possible, except when that timer hits sixty minutes.

To see more of Lee's designs, make sure to check out his Instagram, One Hour Watch, or his column at Theo & Harris.