This was a Triumph: If You Can't Buy It, Build It

What do you do when you can't find exactly what you're looking for? Compromise? Give up? Redditor StigSD went a different path: Build it.

When StigSD asked Reddit about watches with dual bezels that could track both hours and minutes simultaneously, he was met with a deafening silence. Either Reddit didn't know the answer or his desired dual-timing bezel watch was so obscure that no-one had ever heard of it. Rather than be dissuaded or end up compromising on a watch that didn't quite do what he wanted, StigSD took matters into his own hands and built his own watch.

He had no experience in modding watches but with past experience in leather work, he just went for it. StigSD chose to use Delrin, a high strength plastic that would be durable enough to be worn on the wrist but pliable enough to be worked on with a laser cutting which after blasting turned from a glossy black to a matte grey.

He designed the dual-bezel timing system and ended up using Glow Inc. Day glow for a Portal inspired color scheme that would be colored during the day. Inside the Portal watch is a Miyota 8215, a Japanese self-winding movement that might not be the prettiest caliber, but it got the job done. 

Two months and 150 hours later, the watch was complete

The Portal watch might not be the most detailed watch you've ever seen but frankly I don't care (Before anyone criticizes the finishing, count how many watches you've made from scratch before doing so. Yeah, that's what I thought). It's a wonderful example of someone not letting an absence of a product stop them from not having it. It's even more impressive considering that this was done by just one man as a personal project made at home rather than just buying a case online. 

To see the full gallery, click here and to read the full discussion on r/watches, click here. Thanks to StigSD for the use of his photographs